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Well they aren't that great but they will be better next time.
They are a little dark and not the best but you get an idea.
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I got the idea and they are so adorable !!! How old are they now ?? Hve you named them ?
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Thank you. I'm so in love with them They will be 3weeks on Saturday, at which time we have to prepare for their little one month celebration! lol,nothing but pictures lol And we named them Hope, David, Peace, Judah, and my husband's Max or Maximillus.
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I LOVE this pic !!!


You know you can post the actual pic themselves by copying the top link under the pic on photobucket and pasting after clicking the little yellow box at the top that when you scroll your mouse over it say "Insert Image".

Are you keeping them ?
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Yeah I'm keeping them all! I tried to post and I'm used to photobucket resizing and providing a link if you want to see the picture bigger, but it didn't and it was HUGE!, so I just took and put links. I really wanted to put the actual pictures but they were too big and photobucket isn't resizing in the forum for some reason.
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On photobuket above each pic, click edit, then scroll down in the middle somewhere it says resize to I think, 25, 50 and 90 % of the pic ....... I had to resize to 50 on mine, but test one to see if thats the right size. I tried 90 on one and it was very small. And on photobucket once you resize you cant go back ........ but I also saved on my hard drive ........
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I'll try it. I still can't udnerstand why they don't resize like they normally do. Oh well, maybe they stopped providing that service. All of my pictures are saved as well so I def. will be safe and I look forward to posting way way better three week old pictures.
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