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will they be less affectionate?

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once my two new kitties start to like each other, will they become less affectionate with me? right now the female sleeps with me and cuddles with me all night, i dont want her to start sleeping off somewhere with the boy instead of me
and the boy is super cuddly during the day!
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Maybe they will both sleep with you at night
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I had two cats, then I got a third as a kitten. The kitten and Ezzie took to each other really fast. They kinda slept off together- sometimes they would sleep on top of each other! But I hear about a lot of people who say all their cats sleep with them. So... it's hard to say!
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I wouldn't worry about it too much. I've got my cats in "pairs" with about a month in between the two (Snickers & Peanut). For that month, Peanut was attached to me like a little piece of velcro, then Snickers came along and off they went - snuggling, licking each other, etc. I was worried too, but now - sometimes they both sleep with me, sometimes only one. One cuddles with me in the kitchen, then the other in the bathroom, yet every now and then they will lay down together and snuggle with each other.
I wouldn't worry about it - you'll still be a huge part of their little "click" (and believe me - there will be times when you wish they would go off and snuggle somewhere and just leave you alone - especially at 5am )
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thanks, that makes me feel better )
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As long as they are both altered then you won't have to worry about them becoming TOO friendly with each other (if you know what i mean)
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after i get the female fixed will she also be nicer to other humans? right now shes kind of a one person cat and gets irritated easily.
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I used to think that too when i first got my kittens as a pair (around 7 weeks) and at first Molly and Polly did go off together, but as they've adjusted, they are still lovey(Polly more so).
BUT, having pairs at the same age made them bond over the bond I have with them. They're best friends, and I enjoy watching them cuddle and play together.
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so far they are both still pretty affectionate they play, groom, and even sleep together sometimes but they frequently come to me for cuddle time
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She'll continue to be a 1 person cat, or if her personality does change it won't be because of the operation. In years to come you may find that as the male gets older (and I do mean years), he'll begin to try and dominate the female more and more, and you may end up not liking that situation (and his being neut'd will have very little to do with it), but it seems to be the way cats are, and it's very likely your little girl will stick to you even more rather than otherwise.
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