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I am really hoping that Gerry's conjunctivitus is going to clear up quickly!!
We have only had him a short while (just over a week) and was just beginning to gain his trust when he went and got these mucky eyes, so we took him to the vet and got these eye dropsfor him. He is very loving and affectionate and is just letting me pick him up and put him on my lap where he will stay a minute or two, But he is afraid of being handled and wont look directly in my eyes for long so it is becoming impossible puting the drops in his eyes. My husband did go back to the vet to get some better eyedrops that would not sting his eyes so much and with these ones you can put a drop on your finger and rub it lightly on his eyes but this still upsets Gerry. We have been applying theseeye drops for about 3 days now and feel as though Gerry is beginning to be wary of us. (or is it all in my imagination). Im worried that all this work we are doing with Gerry to gain his trust is going to backfire and he will end up hating us. I have 2 questions the first is: How long is a cats memory? Would he have forgotten the terrible eye drop session in the morning? And can a cats eyes clear up preety quick? We are hoping we wont have to go through this for the next two weeks. This just makes me . when he runs away from us after we have tried to get this stuff in his eyes he does not come out of his hidey placeforages and now we cant have our special goodnight stroke and cuddle together!!

Any advice or encouraging words i would love right now!!

Love Cia xx
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You've only had him for a week. He'll come around. Try giving him his favorite treat right after he gets his eye drops.
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I have some dehydrated salmon treats that I use only for times like this- they are super extra special, and the cats really go for them.

I hydrate them inside my own mouth while I am medicating, them just bite off a piece for the kitty immediately after whatever procedure.
At this point they are so habituated to getting to what's inside my mouth that I could do laser surgery on them and they wouldn't care- they are that singleminded about it.

You also have to project a very calm matter of fact aura, no matter what you are really feeling. They feed off of your stress, so breathe and think light and happy thoughts. Think "you're a silly kitty with silly gooey eyes" instead of "dagnabbit I'll do it come hell or high water".
They can feel the difference.
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Thanks for your replies purrpaws andcearbhaill!!

Because we have only had Gerry for a little while, wehave not even got round to getting the cat treats yet. I feel really silly for not thinking that one up myself . I guess i was just getting too upset and worried about it instead of thinking about how i can make it better. We are going to get some yummy treats today!!
Thanks guys .
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