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Recurring Blockage/Fatty Liver Disease

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OK guys, I am really looking for some help here. As many know, Tangerine has been through a big battle over the last couple months (maybe 3 now). Anyhow, we've have blockages that have led to surgery (to make into a girl cat), that led to infection/blockage, that led to another surgery (to make the hole bigger), that led to him not eating that led to fatty liver disease.

He finally came home on Monday (cathether in place for 1 more week) and my boyfriend turned his back for 1 second after taking the hood off and whoops there goes the catether. He's been in the hospital again. Well they are sending him home tonight. While he is very alert (his notes today say alert/active and vocal ) I am just completely scared. i am going to talk to the vet tonight about his peeing.

I am at my wits end. I love my kitty and want him to get well, but i am starting to think this is just a terrible thing to be putting him through. I mean long term, he has no hair on his hind legs due to urine scald, and he's eating through a tube in his neck! He is starting to eat on his own, but still with the tube.

Half of me says that I have put him through enough and half of me says that that is the very reason to push on... not sure if i should get another opinion?? I am not sure of anything... can anyone help me out here? Any suggestions about the peeing or getting him to eat?? Or what I should do?
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Hold the phone!!! Tanny came home last night. He played the entire night, was totally lovable, wanted nothing but attention, ate like a pig (real food)... and went to the bathroom. He doesn't go that well... but the vet said it's to be expected.
His hair is starting to grow back and the vet said he should get his feeding tube taken out. I haven't even slept as I didn't want to miss one moment of my real kitty!!! I cannot believe what a 360 he did.... cross your fingers that he keeps it up!!
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*Fingers crossed* Hopefully this is just the beginning of a successful recovery!!
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Originally Posted by Les0304 View Post
*Fingers crossed* Hopefully this is just the beginning of a successful recovery!!
Keep getting better, Tanny!!
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Fingers crossed that he carries on improving.
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Great news...keep up the good spirits. And enjoy that little guy with all your heart.
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Thanks Guys!!!
After the last couple months I forgot what my kitty was like and was just used to problems and so forth... it really got my down (not to mention what it did to him!)
Tan Tan is such a ham... I will post a picture on here for you guys...
They even called from the vet today to say they missed him... the assistants there are so nice!

I will give you guys an update on monday!!! that is the day (if all goes well) he will get his feeding tube out. I am sure everyone on this site that has went through any kind of illness with their kitty knows the stress/hope/sleepless nights... and i can go on that we as owners go through... it's hard, but the payoffs are truly worth it. Tanny was purring so loud yesterday he woke me up!!!
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Oh I'm so glad your little guy is doing better!! Hoping his recovery continues.

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