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Hi I just wanted to introduce my self. I am new here! I have 2 female cats both spayed. I would post pics but I don't have a scanner. Sorry. Anyway Sally is all white and Mika is all black w/ a small white spot on her chin. Sally is 1 and Mika is 4. Nice to have found a place that everyone likes cats!
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Welcome - and I do like the name you've chosen.

This site is very addictive - here I am at 11.30pm having a nose around - looking forward to hearing more about you and your cats.
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I'll second that from FlimFlam. If my employers every checked my internet usage I'd be in BIG trubbs.

Anyway - great to have you and your furbabies here.
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Welcome to the site! Your kitties sound just precious, but I think we can say that about all of them. What would life be like without them?

I agree with the others - this place is addictive! Hope to see you posting often to get to know you and your kitties.
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Hi! Welcome. For all my married life I have had one black cat and one white cat. Right now I have two Siamese--long story! Anyway we're really happy to have you. I'll look forward to your posts!
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