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Summer Salad Ideas

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I made a salad for lunch that was simple, light & delicious for a hot summer day.

I chopped some mixed summer greens,
added a small amount of sliced chicken breast,
a few fresh blueberries,
chopped walnuts,
low fat crumpled Feta cheese,
a sliced hard boiled egg.
I drizzled it with a yummy Raspberry dressing.

It was easy, filling & tasted great.
Do you have a favorite salad that you make in the summer when it is to hot to cook?
Share it with us please.
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That sounds really good Lei! I have a lot of blueberries right now also

I like to make caesar salads with grilled chicken, and Mexican salads with salsa and guacamole
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I like a good dessert salad, I slice up granny smith apples, cool whip, and some snicker bars all mixed up
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Oooo, yummy, Lei! We're coming over for dinner! Let's add a little Mahi and have a feast for our babies, too! You already know I'm keeping the produce stand in business right filling up on blueberries, and your walnuts add just the perfect crunch. I'll sometimes add a few almonds that I've toasted in the oven, but now I really must try your walnuts! I really like the idea of your Raspberry dressing.

You're so on target with this light salad for these hot Summer days. This week, I've been enjoying

organic summer greens
fresh picked cherry tomatoes
baby carrots

I enjoy my own simple, tasty vinaigrette with extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and Italian seasoning. The blueberries are so terrific, I eat them on their own for dessert. I'm getting hungry just thinking about all this!
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Lei one of my favourites is an Italian salad that's usually served as an appetiser in Italy. Although I eat it as part of a main meal.

It's called Insalate Caprese (Capri Salad) and is made with Buffalo Mozzarella (mozzarella di bufala) served with chopped onions and tomatoes. These are dressed with a little olive oil, some crushed black peppercorns and some chopped fresh basil leaves.

It's gorgeous and well worth a try (as long as you don't mind onion breath)
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What a great idea for a thread. It has been so hot out lately I haven't been wanting to turn the oven on!

My favorite salad is grilled chicken ceasar. I usually grill an extra piece of chicken or 2 to set aside for salad when I am cooking another meal. When I am feeling lazy, I just add it to the bagged salad that has the dressing and croutons all ready there.

The other night I realized I had some left over veggies from my trip to the produce market. I cut up some lettuce, added spinach, green and yellow peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese. It was yummy with ranch dressing
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I am going to try each and every salad you suggested.
Yum Yum
Thanks for posting.
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These are some good ideas!, I'm going to get my pen and paper and write some of these down!!

I love a good old broccoli salad in the summer
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Here's another lovely combination that occurred to me a few weeks ago, which is already becoming a regular...

Butter lettuce
Granny Smith apples, thinly sliced (not peeled)
Fresh spearmint leaves
Raspberry walnut vinaigrette (that combination really works well, doesn't it, Lei?)

It's really pretty, too.
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Yum! Salads are so good!! But mine are pretty simple,lol. I usually just had some salad mix, with some type of bacon bits and dressing. Today I had the spinach leaves with cottage cheese and dressing-it was delicious!!!
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they all sound delicious except I hate bluberries. I just LOVE salad!
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Here's a simple---but delicious salad I've "created"
sliced cucumber
sliced granny smith apple
romaine lettuce
red wine vinaigrette

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