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line breeding

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Hello all cat lovers. I am new here. I have a question.

Can anyone explain line breeding to me? I do not breed cats I am just curious! I have no intension on breeding cats! We have to many in the word now that are homeless!!!!

I have always wondered how breeders line breed. If anyone can explain this or give me a link or so to read. I always thought it was in breeding is this true?

Thanks for any info!
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Vikki thanks for the link but it does not explain how line breeding is done. It is more off the topic and about judging a cat show. How to be a judge for a cat show. But it does clear up the in breeding thing. Do you know of any other links that explain how line breeding is done?
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Line Breeding is when the same ~family~ of cats has been bred to produce the litter or litters. The pedigree of a line-bred cat will reflect several relatives being bred together, NOT close enough however to be in-bred (example: father/daughter, mother/son, brother/sister) but enough so that the names of two or three cats should appear more than once.

Many knowledgeable breeders do mate related cats with each other, and in this way the homozygosity, or "purity" of the strain is increased. In this manner, superior strains are evolved, often renowned for consistantly breeding high quality kittens. However, constant vigilance is necessary to guard against any deterioration of health or fertility.

Many breeders consider that an ideal soloution is the "closed stud" system of mating. This centers on one or two stud males who are mated with a retinue of queens who are normally no closer than half-sisters. In each generation, the best kittens are chosen from each litter to provide breeding stock for the next generation.

I hope this helps,

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