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I took Chachi to get her stitches removed and the Vet was in a hurry. He said something about a lump where the stitches were removed from. I could hardly hear what he said about it. Is a bump something to be concerned about? He didn't schedule her for a follow up so that may be good news?Thanks for all your help.
I appreciate it.

By the way, no more antibiotics!
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Well, if he didn't schedual you for a follow up then there probably isn't anything to worry about. But if you are curious to what it could be call the vet back and ask.
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The lump is probably scar tissue under the skin that will eventually smooth itself out over time. After Kahlua's spaying she had the same thing then it went away. As long as the lump doesn't appear to bother her or cause her pain when touched, she should be fine.
I think I would have a problem with a vet who was in such a hurry that he/she mumbled and left me standing there with questions. It can be pricey to go to the vet so I want my money's worth. If they are too busy for you and your little one, then I'd find someone who is willing to take that extra 5 minutes to answer my questions or help put my mind at ease.
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You are your kitties advocate and ultimate decision maker.

Call your vets office and ask for clarification about what was said about the lump.
If your vets office acts put-out....
change vets,
but only after you know what you were told about the lump.

It is probably nothing but you need to know.
Go for it.
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I know that it was rude of the vet to just rush out. TunaQueen I see that your little one had the same thing so I hope that it is nothing bad. I will call and hopefully they can give me some explanation.
Thanks again.
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Let us know what you find out.
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I called the vet's office and the receptionist told me that it was normal after surgery and that it should go away by itself. I touched her lump and there didn't seem to be any pain.
She acted her usual way rolling from side to side and yawning as she always does when I talk to her!
Thank you all.
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I love you tribute banner. I had my first cat, Tabby, and she lived for 16 years. She passed in 2001 and to this day, I still miss her a lot.
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Thank you Angie.
Karen (AbbysMom) who creates beautiful siggys, made it for me, in memory my precious Mew.
We were both blessed to share our lives with our loving tabby cats....
Tabby & Bartholomew

Regarding Chachi's lump..
I am glad that you called your vet and got the information you need.
Here's to a quick recovery.
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This is my sweet Tabby. You are right. We were blessed to have them for 16 years! I do wish that it could have been more.

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Ahhhh....Tabby was a beautiful girl.
We never really get over their loss.
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