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Hello from beautiful Alberta...

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Wow, for all the time I've spent reading the threads, I feel I already know some of you and your babies!

I can't wait to hear about all of your furry tail tales, and share my experience of being a new mom of 2 beautiful kittens!

I just have a quick question though.... I'll be logged in & cruising through the forums, then all of the sudden, I'm logged out, and I don't know why! (Its happened like 18 times already today)

Has this happened to anyone else? How can I fix it?

Thanks for your help in advance, can't wait to get to know everybody!

Luv ~Jesssica, Titan & Cami
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Hi blueyedawn!
Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to you and your kitties ........ dont know the answer to your tech question, but there is a Tech forum that you could post the question and Im sure get the answer ! Welcome again and cant wait to see pics of Titan & Cami.
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Thanx PushyLady & Pami for the welcome!
I PM dawnofsierra and she was lots of help, its because of the "Remember me" button... which I didn't click because I'm on my work computer.

I've had such a blast so far on this website! I love the signitures soooooo much & can't wait till I get one made!!!

And i'm so happy to have a whole community of people to share my excitement about Titan & Cami with, since everyone at work & my family is pretty tired of hearing about them (my parents aren't cat people & their both allergic... thats why they're at my boyfriend;s house!)

Talk to you soon,
~Jesssica, Titan & Cami
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Hi Jessica welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS!! Alberta is a beautiful place, can't wait to hear more about you and your kitties!
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Hi Jessica,
Welcome to TCS. You'll probably find it habit-forming. But there are worse habits.
Hope you'll introduce your little sweeties to us soon -- we like pics!!
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Hi Jessica and welcome

Love cia xx
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Thanks for the welcoming words everyone!!!

An update on Titan & Cami... being they have now been home for exactly a week... they sleep through the night on their pillowfort & blanket (thats where they go whenever they are tired at night time... no training required), but once its light out in the morning... if you move like your awake, that means its their cuddle time, and if you "stay asleep" they'll each find a special spot on top of you to continue on with their sleeping... Titan likes to fit inot your elbow if its bent and Camit likes bare skin, esspecailly the small of my boyfriend Rob's back!

And their new favorite game is "catch mom & dad" they've figured out that if they sit on the edge of the bed when we walk by, they can jump onton our leg & hold onto our pants & get carried around. Now i remember being a kid, and pretending to be "Mud on Dad's boots" myself just so i could get carried around by him, so I humor them! now as long as they don't do it to anyone who's wearing short shorts!! haha
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Welcome to the site! So glad you are enjoying it! It sounds like Titan & Cami are just adorable! Let me know if you need any help! I will do my best to answer your questions!
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Hi! Welcome to TCS! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself here. We're always ready to talk about kitties.
I have 2 siamese/balinese kittens myself named Molly and Polly.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!

to see you on the forums!
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Heres a picture, attached to my siggy... I'll be fixing up my siggy soon @ posting pics in the Lounge on a couple of the Fur Pics pages!!

See you all soon!
~Jesssica, Titan & Cami
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Titan & Cami are just as cute as they can be !!!!
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Precious babies! Pretty siggy, Jesssica!
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And Thanks to dawnofsierra... The beautiful titles for some more picutres!!!
Thanks hun!

cuddling with me when I'm sleeping

this is their "bed" of 3 oversized pillows & their tiger blanket:

this is a pic of Titan of him helping me give my bf Rob a massage

And Cami sleeping in my shoes!

Thanks again S3!!
~Jesssica, Titan & Cami
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