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ok i know this is it now

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she just had her first contraction's small and quick one's i know they are contraction's as i remember from b4 she is restless keep's getting up and moving from the floor to the nest , right nest to each other i just so hope all goes well
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Good luck, I pray all goes well this time. I will be checking back to see how she is doing. Try to stay calm.
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OMG good luck! I'm glad its finally happening! Do you have some boiled scissors and floss nearby just in case? I had to use these in the delivery...most of the time not necessary though. It will probably be over very quick now!
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yep got everything i need can see the sack now
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oh how cool.....I wish I could have watched Missy have hers. Keep us posted.
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It's so exiting, hope all goes well!
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New babies!!!!
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I hope they are born safe and strong with no complications
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water's just broke no kitten yet
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the suspence is killing us go momma go!!!
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1 baby alive!!!!!!!!!!! she's cleaning as we speak yes yes yes no problem's so far very big baby
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black boy havn't got any scale's to weigh him as they broke y/day when i was getting them readyi think lilly's one's last time must have been prem as he is so much bigger and so much more fur then the last litter
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worried now as his back paw seem's to be twisted?? the rest of his paw's are fine
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another 1 girl tabby like her mum she seem's fine mum chewed both cord's so far second one came out with out any effort lol
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Sounds like things are going good so far! I'm so glad.
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I am so glad to hear things are going well. What is the update?
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There seems to be a lot of info on twisted feet/legs. I did a search in google for "kitten twisted foot" and a lot came up. It seems it often self-corrects by the time they are ready to walk but there is therapy you can do to help it along. The main thing is to make sure he isn't outcompeted for nursing as the leg mgiht not work as well. You might also try "kitten club foot".
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I had a siamese with a twisted foot once and I splinted it with popscicle sticks and tape for a couple of days and it was fine.
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ok the count so far is 3 2 black 1 black tabby i think 1 boy and maybe 2 girl's lol got the first 2 wrong i think
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is she still in labor???
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she seem's to be resting at the moment so not sure if that is the final count yet
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Congratulations!!! WTG Mamma!
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i hate going to work i miss all the good bit congrats on the new babies xxx
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Congrats on the new babies! XX
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Congratulations Can't wait to see pictures.
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