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Some pics of all my pets (and kids)

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Here are some pics of my pets. I haven't shown any recently, so I thought I'd share.

This is Daisy.
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In her Meatloaf pose
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Here's my sweetie!
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This is Prince Eric.
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Here's Buzz. We saved him from being snake food at a local pet shop.
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Here are my two Oscar fish. The one is REALLY big.
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And last, but definitely not least, my kids.
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Quite the menagerie, Dawn! Good lookin' bunch, tho'!

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Dawn, Those pics are great. What a nice family you seem to have! I used to be afraid of rats, until one of my friends had one as a pet. I have since learned that they are excellent pets, and highly intelligent.
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What a nice looking family you have! Daisy is beautiful, she looks just like my Natala(duh Jessica how different does one black lab look to another?) minus the stuffed animal and add two tennis balls.
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Great looking gang indeed! LOL, I love that Meatloaf pose, our Casper has a habit of doing it too!
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What a great looking crew (especially the kids) That has to be an interesting houshold with dogs and cats, cats and fish, cats and rats and kids with all of the above!
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LOL, yeah, there's never a dull moment!
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Quite a fine looking family. My Ophelia does the meatloaf thing, too. Sometimes Trent does it but we get all excited and almost yell "Trent's a meatloaf!" He just looks at us "Get over it! I lay like this sometimes."

Puffy looks like a real sweety. Great pic of him! And I love the rats, too. Rats are so sweet. And of course, Daisy's and the kids' pictures just made me smile. Thanks.
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Nice pics Dawn! All of your pets are adorable, and your kids look like darlings.
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Dawn, you have a beautiful family. You have every right to be proud. I like Oscar's tank, but I think he needs a bigger house. He'll grow bigger yet!
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Jeanie - I know, he grows so fast! When I got the fish, they were the size of a quarter. Now the big one is about 10 inches long, at least. I'm looking for a home for the smaller fish to free up room for the bigger one. It's a 30 gallon tank, so I think it can handle one fish right now.
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Dawn, That is a nice sized tank, but it's vertical. If I were you, I'd try to get a 55 gallon tank. The length is much better, and Oscar will have room to swim. They don't usually swim up and down much. I used to raise and trade fish at the commercial aquarium for fish food and other necessities, and I've read countless Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazines. I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings, but I know you're a real animal lover, and would want the best situation for all living things. The same principle works for birds. Horizontal is much better than vertical. I had already paid extra for a tall cage before I found that out, of course!
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Wow... what a cute family. Talk about Lions and Lambs getting along...... Rats-n-Cats-n-Fish-n-Kids living in harmony! This is great Story Book Material!

Very Cute!!

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Dawn! I LOVE the pictures! Your pets are so adorable and so well cared for! And your children are angels!!! What a great looking bunch!!!!
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How do you keep them all from eating each other? I'm including the kids. Mine would eat anything that didn't eat them first!
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LOL, my kids are the worst. The animals all get along fine. The kids LOVE them all, sometimes a bit too much, but I'm always watching to make sure no one gets hurt. Daisy, the dog, is in the house about 1/2 the time, so that helps too. She's great with the cats and kids, but I think she'd eat the rats. They stay in their tank when she's in.
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