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Oh no!!!!!!

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I need some of this strong board magic. MacBethie is loose somewhere in the house and I can't find her. I have looked everywhere and her mom and sister are right here with me, but she is cleverly hiding so would you say a prayer that I can find her??????????
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Sending kitty finding prayers your way!
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I am sure she is just playing hide and seek. "Come out come out where ever you are"!
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I hope you find her. Sometimes I think they like to hear us run around getting frantic. Then they come out and yawn, as if to say, What's wrong with you Mom, you know I was sleeping?!
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I found the little scamp behind some sheetrock leaning against the bedroom wall. She is safe upstairs now. Big sigh of relief.
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I hope you find her

My partner has often sent me searching the house for "his" cat, and there she is asleep in the kitchen window sill behind the house plants in the sun
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Gosh - gave us all a good scare there, little one! You shouldn't scare your human mommy like that! (That was to MacBethie, obviously.)

I'm glad you found her. She's probably wondering what all the hubbub was about.
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I'm glad you found her! I always get scared and nervous when they hide really good. Then I give them a good lecture about not hiding on me again b/c it practically gives me a heart attack. :LOL:
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Rascal does that all the time. On Saturday night, he got out and I went out looking for him. I was calling and couldn't find him. At last, I found him.... lying in the grass besides me. I just couldn't see in the dark!
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It's always a worry with little ones.

Glad she's Ok Hissy.
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