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Advice on what to feed a kitten

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Hi guys!

I am quite new here and have been reading several posts about feeding. I've noticed that a lot of cats/kittens are fed quite a lot of dried foods.

I got a sample from 'Hills pet food' today - wet and dried food.
I have also bought in some whiskas kitten pouches and now realise I should perhaps be looking at a different brand?

Any advice is appreciated, I am researching as much as possible before I get my kitten.

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Good for you to get educated about food! The main thing you need to know is how to read ingredient labels. Ideally, in a wet or dry food, the first few ingredients should be MEAT, but not by-products, most folks on the site do not recommend feeding your kitty by-products as there really is no telling what exactly is in there I'm on a budget with 10 cats, so I really try to make the best choices I can... as far as dry I feed Chicken Soup, an extremely reasonably priced high-quailty dry, and for wet I feed the Meow Mix pouches or cups, but am currently looking into transitioning to a higher-quality wet such as California Natural, Innova, Felidae or Eagle Pack, I just have to see what my all kits like, they don't seem to terribly picky, but ya never know with cats and that is the main thing, you have to feed the kitty something they'll eat, it doesn't matter if you feed the highest quality food if kitty doesn't eat it
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I see you're in Scotland, so you probably won't be able to get hold of most of the foods mentioned above. Imo, the best dry foods available in the UK are James Wellbeloved (I feed that), hi life and almo nature. I'm not personally a fan of Hills dry, but I don't think it's too bad (can't remember the ingredients offhand) - esp Hills Natures Best. If you have a pets at home (do you have that in Scotland?) they will sell a variety of foods of reasonable quality such as Iams, Hills, royal canin etc. and I believe their own brand is fairly good too. Tesco have also brought out a new range of dry food which I've heard is pretty good. I would choose James Wellbeloved above those though.

I feed primarily wet food as water is very important to cats (dry food is only about 10% water so many cats fed exclusively dry are chronically dehydrated, even if they drink extra water). I think the best wet kitten foods available over here are natures menu, hi life and almo nature. I occasionally feed my kitten Hills wet kitten food but not regularly. I don't personally like whiskas as it contains only 4% meat. When I gave Mosi some sample pouches I received he didn't do well on them at all - very smelly poo and bad wind!
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Thanks to you both!

I will look into stockists for those foods and will see if they can supply me with a sample!
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I managed to get a link for a product sample of James Wellbeloved.

Here is the number for Royal Canin (UK) if anyone wants to request
a product sample T: 0845 300 5011
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