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The Daily Thread Thurs 8/10/06

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Happy Posting!!!
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Good Morning All!

Today is already crazy. I didn't sleep last night... cause hubby couldn't sleep. So I was tossing and turning all night.... and then up early when he got up, even though I just laid there awake. Extra large cup of joe for me! I heard something on the radio about a terrorist plot that was prevented... thank God, but I didn't hear much cause the tuning on my alarm clock radio only comes in tune while I'm in the bedroom... as soon as I go into the bathroom it's static. So I'll have to read up on that... I just hope that no one got hurt.

Tonight I have a dr's appt, I have to go grocery shopping, and to the bank. Ewww. Last night I played hide & seek with LuckyGirl.... she loves that game. She is getting a little bit of a belly... I think maybe I should cut back on her free kibble all day. I dunno... I'll have to research this one today.

Hope everyone stays safe & has a great day!!!
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Happy Thursday!
Short shift today- I'm off at 11:30.
Today I have to get the apt. ready for the kitty (we get her TOMORROW!!), finish my friend's birthday present, make my grandma's birthday present, and go get my glasses fixed... one of the stupid lenses popped out on the way to work I need new ones anyway but I can't afford it right now.
ETA: I didn't sleep well last night either, but that's nothing new. Tossed and turned til midnight, woke up like 3 times randomly, bad dreams...
Oh! and I watched The Life Aquatic yesterday. Fantastic movie!
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Good Morning...counting down one more day till the weekend!!

I don't have much to say....but I hope y'all have a great day!!
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Good morning all!!! Today is the day i go to the bank with my paystub to see if i can get the loan!!! I have a good feeling that i will be getting it I am really excited and i cant wait, i also get paid today!!! but i gotta clean the apt shower and go i will be posting later!!!!
have a good day all
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