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Question about after delivery

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Sunshine was a success last night. for all you people who are not familiar she had 3 kittens. Everything went smoothly. praise God. This morning I woke up and there was a smell. It just smelled the same as it did when she gave birth. Normal? I think it is because she has not cleaned herself all the way yet. She also has not eaten yet. She did however eat all the placentas though. Is it normal for cats to not show an appetite after delivery? It has only been 4 hours though. I am probably just reading into things to much. Sunshine is doing well and is an awesome Mom. darc
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Congrat's Darc and well done sunshine i have been told that they may be off there food for the first cupple of day's so should be ok , the smell i have no idea lol really pleased it was trouble free
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Have you changed the bedding? There will be a lot of liquids soaked into the bed that will need to be cleaned out. 4 hours is to soon to worry about food. Also make sure you give her food in the nest or next to it. My girl ate right in the nest with me holding the plate of food, otherwise she preffered not to leave until 24 hours later.
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Yes, if she ate the placentas, that will tie her over in eating. Just make sure she has fresh food and water available when she wants it. If they don't clean up right away (tired, etc.) then you can expect a little of the smell.

However, if its really bad or you see green/puss, then get her to the vet immediately - its a sign of possible infection or pyrometria.

That's why I have 2 pillowcases - one for delivery (messy) and one that I put in after all kittens are born that's nice and clean.
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Mine had that weird smell too, not a BAD smell, but with all the water/blood/etc it has a definite smell!
As soon as we cleaned and she had fully cleaned herself and the kittens, it went away. It did take a day though, because that is a lot of cleaning (to be FULLY done) for a single cat tongue!!
We threw everything away and put fresh bedding in. We changed it again the next day and all was good to go!
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Right after I posted you about Sunshine eating she pigged out on the food I gave her.lol I found it was just the bedding. As timed progressed she cleaned her and the babies more and more and I think that got rid of that birthing smell. Plus I think she may have urinated in it one time because the liter box was downstairs but after that she leaves the kittys to do her business and comes right back up. I will def move the liter box up when it is time for her to train her little ones to use the potty. I originally told the future owner that she could have the kittens between 6-8 weeks but after hearing from you guys I think I will wait 12 but let her come over so she can bond with them. I will keep you posted and I am going to try to figure out how to post pics. By the way I think her kittys have unusual markings. Q- They are black with some brown on them. Is that rare? Would that be considered calico? They are absolutely beautiful. Maybe I am just biased. I am letting the future owner come over to take a peak today. chow for now -darc
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