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Another new kitten on the block

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Hi everyone! I live in Florida and am (hopefully) soon to be a police officer. I've had many cats while I was growing up and enjoy the love and company they have provided. I'm looking to adopt a cat, I just have to convince my husband, who's only grown up with birds as pets (awful isn't it?). I do have a cat named Mikey (a very big beautiful Tabby) but he lives with my mom because one of other cats passed away not too long ago and she needed someone. That's all I can think of for now.
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Hello Katrina!!

I'm sure you won't have any trouble convincing your husband to adopt a cat... Just bring him to a local shelter and he's sure to fall in love with one of them.

I'm sure you'll like it here and we look forward to seeing if you adopt a furball or not.
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Hi Katerina and welcome to The Cat Site!!!
We're so glad you could join us here. It's a wonderful place, I hope you will enjoy it here and I look forward to seeing more posts from you.
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Hi, Katrina! You must really be going through pet withdrawal! I agree with BadHabit. If your husband sees a bunch of little kittens he won't be able to resist! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Welcome to the CatSite. Be sure to let us know when you get your kitten!
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Thanks everyone for welcoming me! I'm so glad I found this site! I'll let you know if I get a kitten but I'm still having trouble trying to convince my husband (he won't even go to the shelter b/c he's scared he'll adopt every animal he sees). He'll eventually break, right? Either way this is a wonderful site for cat people and I'll be sure to post more about the ongoing saga and things about my other cat (even if he does live with my mom), because he does tons of interesting stuff
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Hi! Welcome to TCS!
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Hi katrina amd welcome to this fab site.

I too had problems in the beginning convincing my husband to get a cat. He was alergic to cats from an early age and he only had memories of sneezing and runny eyes as a child when it came to cats. I eventually talked him into looking at a bunch of kittens that were for sale at a persons house, all the way there he wasn't sure about the whole thing, but when we got there and he saw all these delightful kittens playing he couldn't resist. Funny enough he overcame his alergy to cats and now we have 3 of the beauties. He definately would not live without a cat now.

Good luck.

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Would you believe it - it was me that didn't want a cat. Hubbs had grown up with cats, and had had then all his life.

I'd only had goldfish and hamsters.

When we got together he left his cat with his ex and the kids, and kept saying that as soon as we bought somewhere we'd have to get a cat as a home is not complete without one. I was ambivalent and told him that was nonsense.

Well 5.5 years ago we bought our house, and he kept on and on. Finally I agreed, and now we have 2 persians and one ex-stray british shorthair.

I also feed any strays that hang around and have just joined the Cats Protection League in my town.

In other words - I'm mad about cats and the whole experience has totally changed my life.

I think that's a real positive. Keep on at your husband eventually you'll succeed I'm sure.
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Yola I'm not sure where Berkshire is but my husband is from Lincolnshire. Rebecca and you have given me hope in my pursuit of a kitten. Thanks a bunch!
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Katrina - Berkshire is in the south east - about 30 (?) miles west of London.

Lincolnshire is much further north - I guess about a 2 or 2.5 hour drive.

How come he ended up in Florida - did he go on holiday, meet you and fall hopelessly in love and decide to stay on?

I'm a total romantic as you can see . . .

Please post and let us know as you as he gives in!!
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Yola - I wish it were that romantic Originally he would come over to do summer work programs in Orlando, and that's how he fell in love with Florida. After he graduated from university he came over to the U.S. to work as a computer geek, and he eventually ended up in Tallahassee. He works with my mom so that's how I meet him. The rest is history I have been over to England and it's absolutely beautiful when it's not raining, but it's really cold!
I think I'll eventually wear him down because he loves my cat that stays with my mom, it may take a little longer than I'd hope but I'll get there in the end.
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Welcome to the site Katrina! Get your husband to visit this site and check out the caption this forum. If those pics don't soften his heart get him to talk to any of us and we'll tell him that a cat make a house a home!
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