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Have you ever seen a tornado before?
A few years back when we were at an airshow, there was a funnel cloud and it almost touched down. Talk about hair-raising!
When my mom was sixteen or so, her farm got hit by a tornado but it wasn't very bad. I don't understand how some people can live in tornado alley and be used to tornado watches/warnings or even tornadoes themselves!
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Yup actually I have watched them my whole life. Now i dont live in tornado alley or anything. but my dad taught me to respect but not fear. I can remember a few times sitting on the lawn with my dad watching the funnel clouds.
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yes seen several funnel clouds and when i was in high school one went down the middle of are street it missed the first 3 houses, then took a little left turn, and took out 7 band new houses.

Humans have very short term memory sometimes, and can learn to get used to about anything. The wife is scared to death of them, but she has never seen one, how when we are in her home to her earthquakes are like oh well they happen..
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heh, yeah, I've seen a few. When I was in high school one went right across the street from us, parallel to the street. I was outside watching until it got too close I used to want to be a storm chaser. So cool!
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I've seen a few. Once in San Antonio, a funnel cloud came out of nowhere on a sunny day. It knocked over our swing set. I also saw one this past March coming straight towards us. Fortunately, it ended up hopping over us, but it did a lot of damage to our town and completely destroyed a friends home and totaled both cars (the garage collapsed.) Their rebuilt home was finished this week and they are moving in. Because they were able to salvage alot of fixtures (cabinets, appliances, toilets, sinks, etc.) they were able to make thier new house bigger and have a pool put in. They deserve it after going thru something like that!
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take care the persons who live near to Tornado areas!
be carefuls!!!
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