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Feeling Presents Dead Cat .

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Over a year ago, my bf and I ended up putting to sleep our Quizno and buring her in the back year, she was only 3 months old.. She has a nice flowering bush that has been planted over her grave. She had heart diease and a heart murmur, and there was nothing that the vet could do. So, we ended up putting her to sleep. I mourned for months, because to me she was my little baby.

But since we have buried her, I have always feel this presents of a cat walking on my bed, it's mostly at night, about 10-15minutes after I lay down. I know I am not a sleep because it takes about 30-45 minutes for me to fall a sleep. Now I know some would say it's one of your three cats, I thought the same. But each time I turn on a light, it stops walking, moving, whatever. And you can feel when a cat jumps on or off your bed, at least with my cats I can, so I know it's not one of my cats.

This presents of a cat, walks from the foot of my bed to about mid section and than walks again back down to the foot of the bed. And sometimes it walks back to mid section again. I know it has to be a cat, because you can feel the movement of four feet. So, since that is how Quizno use to be, I have finally decided that it's her presents that visits me at night for some strange reaon

The strange thing is that it started the week that Quizno was put to rest. I know this sounds strange. But I am wondering if anyone has been visited by the present of their cats that have passed away.
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, well there are somewhere there are some posts about much the same thing.
but since i cant find it, here is my story.

i came back from overseas after being gone from my mother and fathers house for years. i was thinking about my old kitty that had, has a teen and young adult.
well as we pulled in the drive way i swear i saw her sitting in the window..

after we stopped my mother came out and asked if we saw a cat around has she thought she heard one meow. My wife answered with, there was a black one in the window a min ago.,, lol so unless all three people where going crazy,

but yea, doing the time we stayed there i often felt like something was jumping on the bed. and once i even woke up cause it felt like a cat licked my eyelid (which is something my old kitty used to do all the time) how i would think i was nts , my wife often said she felt like a cat was jumping on the bed also. that and a few other thingsover the last few years, has kinda made me change my mind about a few things

yea, she was buried in the back yard there, But since that visit these type of things have kept happing..even after we moved back out, and when we went back overseas.. maybe by coming home she was able to find me again? )
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I don't have a problem with Quizno visiting. It just catches me by suprise. My bf thinks I am kinda nuts, but who knows, I have been visited by spirits before. At least I know Quizno is a safe one.

Okay, that paragraph makes me sound weird enough. But at least I know Quizno feels safe enough to visit her owner in soul, and that she knows I still love her and miss her a ton.

Thanks for answering to my topic, and here I thought I was nuts. Great a newbie and a nuttie, I am doing a great job. LOL!!
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hehe, well i never used to beleave in this stuff.
heck i was raised with being told animals do not have souls,
well maybe they dont, but there is spirit or something is there.

however i still do not beleve in UFO, Bigfoot, and the lochness monster
however that can change with proof of seeing
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LOL nope I don't believe in those things either. Untill I am aducted, walk right into big foot, or swim into the lochness monster.

But people spirts and animal spirts, yeap fully believe now.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
hehe all i can say is
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Sometimes when I go to bed, I will feel a small cat walk across me. Sometimes it is Scooter, but sometimes it is just a feeling. I think it is Fred, because he had a certain way he would walk across me to get to his spot. None of the others do it the same way. I cannot believe it has been almost a year since he has gone to the Bridge. He is my soul mate kitty and will always be with me.
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We had to put our Siamese to sleep about three years ago, because she had cancer. After that, I'd wake up and swear I could hear the bell on her collar like I could when she would be walking through the living room, but we only had one indoor cat at the time, and she didn't have a collar on. Besides hearing her bell, I felt a kitty jumping on my bed, and when I looked, there wasn't a kitty around.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post

well said!
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I have had this happen when I lived home with my parents and our cat Rocky died, he always slept with me. I used to feel him walking on the bed it was crazy I guess I don't know if I was dreaming it or it was really him.
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I get this feeling sometimes with Syl. After he passed away a few month's ago, I could still feel him on the bed. There were numerous times where I would hear him, or honestly feel his tail brush my face like how he use to do to wake me up in the morning. I lead myself to believe it was simply me missing him, but sometimes... I think of these little thing's as letting me know that he's happy somewhere I can't be with him right now, and he's letting me know that he misses me just as much, and he's ok and he's looking out for me.
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You're not so crazy.

One apartment I lived in during college had a "ghost kitty". The cat wasn't any of ours, just something that was there. I would often wake up at 2 or 3 am and feel a cat walking on my bed alongside my back. At first I would think it was my roommates cats, until I woke up and realised the door was shut the entire night. Yes, her cats could open the door, but they don't gently close it behind them

The one time that I sort of flipped was when I had my hand hanging over the side of the bed. Suddenly I felt a paw bat at it. I knew it wasn't her cats since I had just closed the door and layed down. Ghost Kitty kept batting at it (occassionally hitting the mattress causing the coils to make noise) for another 10 minutes and then it stopped.
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YEAH!!!! I am not nuts after all. I tell my bf that Quizno visits and he just sits there nodding his head saying yeah, huh huh, while I think he's secretly rolling his eyes in his head.

Thank you all for letting me know I am not crazy after all.
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Originally Posted by Catlady810 View Post
I have been visited by spirits before.
Really? I think that is very interesting. If you would ever like to share, I would be glad to hear it. How do you deal with it? Does it scare you?
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
Sometimes when I go to bed, I will feel a small cat walk across me. Sometimes it is Scooter, but sometimes it is just a feeling. I think it is Fred, because he had a certain way he would walk across me to get to his spot. None of the others do it the same way. I cannot believe it has been almost a year since he has gone to the Bridge. He is my soul mate kitty and will always be with me.
Aww that is so sweet. Tiger is my soul mate kitty.
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There have been a few strange things that have happened to me. When my last cat Tucson passed away, I had a dream a week later. He was sitting beside me and purring, and in the dream I woke up to nothing there, yet I swear there was a cat on my bed. I even felt Tucson jump off my bed and 'saw' him go into the hallway. I believe this was his way of saying goodbye.

And then I REALLY woke up. It was an odd dream, so real.

I've had countless feelings he is still around. Another night I felt that there was not only Quill on my windowsill, but other cats lolling around my bed, one sitting on my pillow, another at my side, and another stretched out at my feet. It was the strangest, most comforting feeling ever.

Um ... I think Tucson still visits. We were so attached to eachother, I'm glad he visits too, because I strongly believe in the afterlife.
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So I guess we're ALL crazy then?

Misty crossed the bridge last month and I know he's still around. Just last night when I laid down I felt him jump up on the bed, walk behind me and flop down in his usual style. He had the biggest, boniest clown feet ever in a cat so I could tell when it was him vs. my other kitties. I turned over and of course he wasn't there, but I laid my hand in the place where I felt him lay to let him know I knew he was there.
Pyewackett has been occasionally acting like he "sees" him or something, staring at nothing, batting at nothing, looking around when he eats as if he's waiting for Misty to dine with him.
Anyone who doesn't think there's life after death has never owned a cat that has passed. I for one, am convinced!
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I think that's sweet if she's coming back to visit you. I believe it and I would welcome it. You should try talking sweetly to her when she visits you and see if it affects the movements at all.
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Yeah I will have to try talking to her. Maybe it will let her know that I know she's there.
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Oh, please talk to her!! Let us know if she does anything. That is soo sweet.
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Just a question, do all of you who have a kitty presence have that cat buried in the back yard, or do they still find you? I would want Tiger to visit me, but that will be a long time from now. I just want to know how to increase my chances.
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Anyone who doesn't think there's life after death has never owned a cat that has passed. I for one, am convinced!
My fiancé doesn't believe it...and I hope after our kitties pass (sigh, I don't want to think about that) they visit us just so I can stick it in his face, lol.
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My cat was buried in the back yard. I would LOVE to get a headstone, right now all there is a piece of wood with Quiznos birth and death. My father and chris said NO to the headstone just incase my father has to sell the house ever. So instead we found a plant that will surivive the harsh winters, it's suppose to blossom flowers, but so far it hasn't.

Don't worry Cyrstal211, my bf thinks that I am crazy when I tell him. He just nods his head and says yeap uh huh, and smiles. I wonder when he's gonna bring the straight jacket. LOL

The first year that Quizno passed away I told my bf that when the time comes to move I want to find some way to transplant her grave to our new residents. Now I just hope her spirit follows or if she doesn't like the new residents she gives them some fun. LOL
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They know where you went. I have moved since Fred passed away, and he still comes. No need to disturb a final resting place for a body, unless you just want to.
My SO has given up on not believing me about spirits, and such. We have a dear friend that visits us occasionally, especially close to the anniversary of his death. My SO was skeptical about it until some specific things happened. Now he believes that some people are sensitive to spirits, like animals, and others are not visited, but he has felt Fred come across the bed, thinking it was another cat. I figured it would creep him out, but he was happy to know Fred was there. He felt so guilty about having to put poor old Fred out of his pain. I think it makes him feel better to have Fred come around.
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Originally Posted by rachelh1018 View Post
Just a question, do all of you who have a kitty presence have that cat buried in the back yard, or do they still find you?
The "Ghost kitty" we had was in an apartment. It could've been buried under one of our windows...but I don't know for sure. I sometimes wonder if anyone else in that apartment got to experience Ghost Kitty...
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Oh geez I am dumb. I was reading the first couple posts and trying to figure out what kind of presents you were talking about from a dead cat. But I think you mean presence! Oh I am so slow. I was like your dead cat brings you presents? Like dead mice? But I got it now hehe. No I don't think I have experienced this personally. Theere are times when I swear I feel a cat jump on my bed and start walking up it and I have said "hey kitty who is it?" becuase I have 6 cats but then I turn around and there is no cat on the bed. BUT I have never had a cat die in my apartment, unless the previous residents did.
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I have heard about this experience before from other people. I am Icelandic, and here spirits and ghosts are a part of everyday life and people talk about pshychic experiences like every day things, just part of the culture I guess. My mother always feels her old cat walk on her bed, and she is convinced that all our old pets and beloved animals are waiting for us on the other end. I havent had a kitty walking on the bed experience, but I have seen spirits of deceased animals before. When I was 13 I saw in broad daylight a dog come running out of the old house (on the farm where I lived), and when I went to look further there was no dog in sight, and impossible for me to miss it being there. When I described the dog for my grandfather he told me that it was a dog that used to live with them in the 60´s, and it was his spirit. I also see in old barnhouses spirits of the calfs and other lifestock, even when I didnt know them personally. Old barnhouses are filled with animal spirits. The only cat thing I have seen in my life was a black cat that appeared out of the blue on a table and jumped on the floor. It was a prediction for bad things I guess.

I really dont think people are crazy that see spirits, because I have seen my share and I even live in a haunted house. There is really something out there, no doubt.
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