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question about cats and birds

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I have a question concerning cats and birds and I was hoping someone could help. Is there any way to prevent a cat from going after a parakeet other than keeping the bird cage shut at all times? Or is there any breed that doesn't mind birds? My husband and I have a parakeet, but he won't let me adopt a cat for fear it will kill the bird. I know the cat is a birds natural predator but I was hoping someone had some advice to help me convince my husband into getting a cat. (note- I do have a cat but he lives with my mom currently and seems very happy with her and vice versa).
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It really isn't the best idea to keep birds and cats together and not expect a cat to respond to a bird as it does with prey in the wild. The cat has no way of knowing the bird is a pet, and if the cat does capture the bird, there is a bacteria in the cats mouth that is fatal to birds and the bird will in all probability die. There was a huge thread about this on another board a few weeks ago, but it has probably already vanished. I will go take a look and see if it is still there, but the board moves so fast it is doubtful.
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I have a parakeet (Benny-12 yrs old) and when I got Mr. FitzHerbert, I had to change the location of his cage. He used to live on top of the entertainment center but Fitz can jump up there and is very interested in his movements. So, I got a shelf and put it above the entertainment center and put contact paper face up on the top of the center. Fitzy doesn't even bother with him anymore unless I'm cleaning the cage. It is a little inconvenient since I'm a shorty but this way everyone is happy. I just try to give Benny attention too and sometimes put him on the lower level while I'm home. Benny isn't an outside boy though, he can't fly and never voluntarily leaves his cage, even when the top's off. He's an old man. I know it's probably not the solution you wanted but the two animals CAN live together in peace with a little rearranging.
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I don't have any other pets besides my cats, so I'm no expert here. However, I have heard and seen pictures of cats and their natural prey living together in harmony. Probably your best bet is get a kitten, and teach it early that the bird in his house isn't prey. Of course, no matter how good you train him, I would keep them separate as much as possible since the hunting instinct is strong in cats. If nothing else, you can just make sure kitty is locked up in another room when you let the bird out to fly around.
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hi Katrina !!
My nephew has a bird and a Siamese cat who perfectly live together . I do not know what bird it is ; but you could have a look at his website : http://www.manhaeghe.com ; It is in Dutch , but you can see many pictures of the cat and the bird if you click on HUISDIEREN !(and then "foto's van onze huisdieren )
Success !!
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Wow! Thanks everyone for your suggestions and advice, they're very helpful. I know naturally a cat would attack a bird but I do miss having a cat around, and hope there's some way of having another wonderful cat in my life. Thanks especially for the pics Sydney!
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