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The kitten who...

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Layla just passed in my mother's arms... I think the vet visit was just too much for her weak little body...

The kitten who.... wasn't breathing at birth. She somehow managed to start breathing and live for 8 weeks.

The kitten who... loved like no other. She followed me around and always slept next to me on the couch in the evenings.

The kitten who... didn't didn't ask to be born, didn't ask for her mother to be abandoned during her pregnancy.

The kitten who... suffered from a severe birth defect, but was cared for by a loving meowmy who didn't know any better.

The kitten who... gave us hope that the down and out can still be a lovingcompanion.

The kitten who... passed away sleeping on the chest and in the minds of people who cared deeply about her.
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RIP Layla ..... you knew so much love in your 8 weeks of life ........ and that YOU did give her ! Condolences to your family and to your Mom, I know your Mom has already faced this before. RIP sweet Layla.
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I'm completely devastated. Dh just left to get her little body and bury her here in our yard. I can't stop crying over her...
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I know you must be.....Im so very sorry ...... you did give her 8 weeks of life ....of precious life ..... she is loved ...... you were there to help her take her first breath .... her life was short but filled with love........Im so very sorry .....its got to be devasting ....she is at peace now ...... you will be, too. Bless you.
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Oh sweetie, I am so sorry for your loss. Please remember that you did everything that you could for Layla, and she is a happy, healthy, playing little kitten over the bridge now! I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, I know that it is so tough.
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Man..This is really sad. As I was reading the other thread I just kept hoping everything would be ok.
RIP sweet little one...
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in Peace Layla, forever perfect at the bridge.
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Oh how sad, take comfort in knowing you took the best care of her in her short time.
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So sorry to hear this. At least she was able to be SO loved in her short little life. Hope your mom is doing ok.
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RIP Layla.
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She will be waiting for you at her new forever home, over the rainbow bridge. How have just learned that she had the FCK syndrome, then to lose her so quickly! Condolences to you and your Mom.

Rest in peace, little baby. I'm sorry your time here was cut short. Let all the little angel kitties who never knew a moment of love here on earth know how it feels to be truly cherished.
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Layla, you were loved and wanted in your short time on earth, and you'll be loved and wanted just as much over at Rainbow Bridge

All the other TCS kittens are waiting for you to have a game of rough and tumble with them, and all the older TCS kitties will mother you

Have fun over the bridge sweetie pie

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You beautiful thoughts about sweet Layla touched me deeply.
Play at the bridge perfect little Layla.
You may be gone but not forgotten sweetie pie.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

RIP sweet little Layla and play happily knowing your were loved and touched many lives.
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I'm sorry for your loss of little Layla. May she rest in peace.
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RIP Sweet Layla
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I am so truly sorry you have lost your little Layla ,My heart and prayers are with you and your family

Layla was such a little fighter, I didn't think I would be seeing her in the bridge

She knew and felt the best love she could have know on earth.

Rest in peace Sweet Layla Play happily,safe and warm in the loving touch
of angels with all the other rainbow bridge babies
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I am so very sorry to hear this. Your tribute is very touching - she was so well loved in her short life, and you were blessed to have known her.
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RIP sweet little Layla. You were a little Angel in your short life, and you gave love and sunshine into Annasmom's life, while you were here. Now it's time for you to return Home to God and be a special little Angel at the Rainbow Bridge.

AnnasMom, you gave sweet little Layla all of the love and caring that she needed while here on earth. She will never forget your love, and she'll be waiting for you, when your time comes to join her.
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I'm so sorry about little Layla. It's obvious that she was very loved in her short lifespan. RIP Layla.
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That's so sad. Poor little kitten. You did your best for the kitten though.
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