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Can you explain this?

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I feed my three males wet food twice a day, one third a can each. In the am, they all gobble it up. In the PM, FAng (#2 on the dominance scale) will look at his and pretend to bury it and then walk away while the other two are chowing down. I pick his up and put it on the counter so no one else eats it. Around an half hour later, while the other two are bathing themselves in another room, Fang will come into the kitchen, cry to me, at which time I put down his food and then he eats it till completion. The other two will come in to see what he is eating but he doesn't budge and they don't try to nose in. What is going on? When I go on vacation, the sitter will just be putting the food down and probably won't do this routine, so he might not get his evening meal then. Does he not want to eat with his step brothers? Why in the evening and not in the morning? I can't figure this out. Just not hungry then? It seems too routine to be that.
What do ya think?
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I cant think of why this would be happening but if you're having a kitty sitter watch after them, I'd explain this little routine to him/her (it's not a complicated one) and make it clear that this particular kitty will end up not eating his dinner at all if he/she does not feed them in this particular matter (I assume you're paying this person, so if they wanna get paid, they'll do things right.... although they should anyhow, regardless).... I pet sit some myself and always ask if there are certain routines that are followed, like one dog I used to watch regularly had to get her cookie after a walk, but right before I was going to leave - it was her sign that I was leaving but would be back for the next walk...
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My cats try to bury their food when they don't like it. Have you tried him on something else? He's eating it because he's hungry, but may otherwise hate it. Not all cats have the same tastes, just like people don't. Give him a different type (blending it a bit at a time with his old stuff for a few days) and see what happens.
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