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The Great Guinea Pig Rescue

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Hi all! I'm back from my great adventure!

We managed to get a total of 38 guinea pigs transported from San Fransisco, CA all the way to various new homes and foster homes across Colorado and New Mexico. I have 8 new additions here, including a 'special needs' blind baby pig. (Which is the SWEETEST in the WHOLE BUNCH!) We would have been happy to transport more, but we couldn't fit any more into our vehicles!

As promised, I have a couple of pictures to share. I don't want to post a whole bunch of them, but I've picked out 2. Anyone that wants to see more can go to:


Anyway, here's the first picture, which is my Jeep, fully loaded with guinea pigs! It's not the best picture, because you can't tell that it's cages on top of cages, but one thing's for sure - the Jeep is FULL!
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Thank you for doing this on behalf of critters who had no say in their life before you intervened. I was wondering how you were doing on the road with all those critters and could bet when you stopped for gas you got an earful!
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I was on the road for a total of 24 or 25 hours in 2 days. The trip included driving from New Castle, CO, to Provo, Utah and back, then from New Castle to Pueblo, CO and back. My butt still hasn't recovered! But all the guinea pigs are fine.

Here's the second picture. It's after I dropped off the remaining pigs in Pueblo, and we got them separated into large cages where they had room to run. You can see how adorable these little babies are!

Unfortunately, there was just ANOTHER huge rescue in California, and while us taking 38 guinea pigs out of the state certainly helped, the situation is beyond critical.
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Hissy, look at those faces! How could anyone say no! The sound of 38 guinea pigs munching happily on hay and fresh veggies was all the thanks I ever needed. Talk about heart warming!
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What an angel of you Jin! They are simply precious!
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What a wonderful thing you did for those precious piggies Looking at all those pics makes me miss my pigs terribly Maybe someoday I'll be able to have a piggie or two in my house again

Congrats on a job well done :rainbow:
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Oh, I wish I could have the one in the front that is multi-colored. She is so pretty!
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Hooray for you! I'm so glad they had someone like you and anyone else that was there to help out.

They're so cute!! They look so happy in that picture!
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YEY Jin!!! Ooo I just LOVE Piggies!!!!
I used to have a couple, but alas.... none at present!! Now, I think I'll have to consult hubby... :laughing2 (or not.. hahaha!)
I'm so pleased it all went so well.... apart from you leaving your candy at your friends house.... (haha I just read the thread... thats all!) By they way..... do you do "Air mail Piggies"?!?!?
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Glad you had a safe trip Jin! And the pics are so cute, what adorable little critters they are!!

Good for you on a job well done!
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Ah yes, the worst part of the trip had to have been when I left my candy in Pueblo! Thanfully, I was able to find a gas station where I replaced my stash.

I'm just glad all the piggies are safe now!!
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Yeah for you and yeah for the piggies! They are very cute. I'm so glad they were able to get good homes.
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Wooooooohoooooooo Jin! You are doing such an amazing thing. People need to understand what a commitment a pet is before the purchase it. When that happens, there will be a lot fewer rescues needed!
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Jin, you are an absolute for taking on this huge responsibility and getting these guinea pigs to saftey!!!! They are so cute! I wish I could have one!
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