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I noticed this past weekend that Kitty had fleas. It being Saturday and the vert not being open, I gave her a flea bath. When that did not work I took her to a groomer to give her a professional flea bath. I then cleaned the house from top to bottom to rid it of fleas completely.

2 days later, the fleas are back. I called my vet to see what they could do and they gave me some Advantage to use. I applied it to her back are as suggested. I was wondering (as I am sure many people have used this) how fast this Advantage works? How long will the existing fleas take to die? Should I just use a lice comb to pick the dead ones out? I have been vacuming every day to ensure that there are none left in the carpet. Is this necessary? is there anything else that anyone would suggest to be rid of this problem for good?