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My new job..

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I started working at a university this week. I LOVE IT! They have great benefits including full insurance that they pay for. Vacation time, sick time, personal time, and "hurricane" pay. I get my own laptop in 6 months to keep! My health insurance doesn't kick in until 30 days after I started.
I can also go to school there for ¼ of the tuition. It totally ROCKS!
Today they took me out to lunch and gave me a laptop bag with the university logo on it and also a leather day planner.
They only downside to the job is I have to take pics of the procedures the PA's (physician assistants) do. Like stitches in pigs feet and chicken breast. Phlebotomy, and also the cadavers when they dissect them
I also have to proctor the exams when they are given and next month I have to fly to Miami for new employee orientation and I'm TERRIFIED of airplanes This is truly my dream job. I love the people I'm working with. Mostly doctors and PA students.... I just had to boast
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Yey for you!!! That's so awesome that you have a job that you love!!
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Awesome! Sounds like a great position! Good for you!
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I would love a job like that. Congrats!
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Thanks Everyone!
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Well done and good luck!
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so glad you got a job you love
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wow - good for you and they give you a very nice set of perks along with it!!!!
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Oooh, congrats!
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That sounds fantastic! I'm so pleased you've landed such a great job, especially after the disappointment of the last one.
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Oh my goodness, good for you! Jerry would absolutely love your job!!!
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Congratulations! I don't know if I could handle being around all the stuff that the physicians asst's are doing. I saw a dead frog today, and immediately I wanted to run away! Good about the tuition and other benefits though!
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The job sounds pretty interesting-lots of topics to talk about around the dinner table!!
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