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Big whimps!

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As I was cleaning today I came across a cat toy in the "toy box" that I haven't seen in ages. You know those little plastic balls that have the bells in them that cats are supposed to like? Well I tossed it out on the floor for the cats to play with and to my amazment none of them came running or even gave it a second glance! I showed it to Sampson and he crinkled his face and ran.... Fallon took one look at it and jumped and took off.... I then rolled it over to Xavier who looked at me and if he could talk he would have said, "Mom I will not lower myself to play with such a thing.... Now where's that milk cap I was playing with?"

Cats... Who can figure them out?
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Jessica, that's funny! One of my aunts gave me this "plastic spring" that is apparently supposed to entertain cats for hours at a time. I got home thinking "Wait until Whiskers sees what I have for her!!!". I called her, threw it on the kitchen floor so it would bounce and roll and make some noise. She sniffed it, gave me this "look" and walked around it. *sigh*.........
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LOL G that reminds me of when Brian's sister bought Xavier this electronic mouse for Christmas. The point of the mouse was that when the cat walked by it, it activated the mouse so the thing would start making nah nah na na nah noises and scoot around. I thought "Woa, he's going to go bananas over this!"

Needless to say our roommate's Jack Russell enjoyed it more than Xavier did.
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I bought some of those plastic balls with bells in them for Ivo. She might bat at them once or twice, but Alysha, the little girl I babysit for LOVES them! She carries them around and shakes them and puts them on the chairs and couch. She also likes her "fairy wand", a wand with pieces of mylar on the end I also bought for Ivo. Alysha gets a lot more use out of Ivo's toys than Ivo does!
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Opie and Rowdy don't want anything to do with anything labeled "cat toy". Opie likes a smoked pig's ear, to drag around and Rowdy thinks that Ike is a cat toy. Ike doesn't play with dog toys, either. HE thinks that Rowdy is a toy.
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My cats have some of these balls and could care less about them. However, my granddaughter loves them. Go figure.
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Gizmo loves to play with any type of ball that rattles! The bengals also have a black, furry mouse that they love for some reason. WHenver one of them has it, they roll around on it, lol!:tounge2:
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