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Cat & Dandruff?

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Hello everyone I am new to this Forum hope anyone can help me. My cat 2½ years old has white flakes one her back about 2 months ago. What should I do? Can I use a common(human) dandruff shampoo or any conditioner? My Vet recommend a vitamin that might help...Thanks in advance.

I like this Forum so far I found it today looking info. about this problem without success.

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Dandruff can be a sign of poor diet and/or a skin condition... what food is your kitty on? I'd assume that since your vet made a suggestion, s/he's seen your cat to rule out a skin problem... if not, maybe a check by the vet is in order... if your feeding a decent diet, you can add fish oil to your cat's meals... if it turns out that the dandruff is just related to seasonal shedding, and you're actually able to bathe your cat (luckily Oliver's bathe-able) there are skin conditioning shampoos available for cats.... regular grooming/brushing will also help
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Hello Buzby, My cay has an appt. tomorrow Saturday(de-clawed recheck) so i am wonder what my Vet will recommend. I am sure isn't a skin condition b/c 2 weeks ago the Vet did blood works must be the diet so I think its time to change her diet( she is eating Iams(dry food) 2½ years no problems until now) grooming/combing everyday with it I've been noticed that she is loosing less hair and she's having less "white flakes" but still have some. Thanks for posting. Love your cat pic! Could you teach me how to put my cat picture? Thanks in advance.
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Yeah, your vet should be able to let you know if it is the diet that's the problem... if so, there are plenty of threads on here about high quality kitty foods... as for the picture in your signature, I do know how to do it, but am not the greatest at explaining it, so I'll see if someone else posts with good instructions first, and if not, I'll do my best to help you out... if you havent figured it out in awhile, send me a PM and I'll try to explain!! haha
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