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Most expensive cat item?

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What's the most expensivecat item that you've bought?
I just got my Fosters& Smith cat cataloge yesterday and was looking at all these items....some were VERY expensive.
I think the most expensive thing I've bought Layla was...erm....well it wasn't even Layla's it was Autumn's bed.
Like a lil over $20 I think.
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The most expensive accessory we bought is probably a large mat that goes in front of the litter trays to catch the excess litter from their paws. We had a small one for the one litter tray, but now we have 2 litter trays, we just bought a $25 super size mat, and the cats hate it.

Stumpy walks up next to the mat, stretches out, gets her front paws on to the edge of the litter tray, gets her weight on her front legs and one back leg, brings the other back leg up to the litter tray, then can get the last leg up and into the litter tray without ever touching the mat.

Getting out she just leaps from the litter tray to just past the mat
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Probably the heated cat perch - around $50.
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The condominium, luckily, they allow us to live here as well
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Lukas' carrier at $40 is most expensive item but his food is $27 a bag every 6 wks. or so
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I think I was questioning my own sanity when we got the "Sandcastle Lounger" but it has proven to be the cats favorite thing. They use it all the time and they keep us entertianed so I guess it was worth it.
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Good one Arlyn
A lot of the time when I see these huge kitty condos or perches I wonder, "Is she really gonna use it?" I always fear I'll waste money on somethings she doesn't like.
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Honestly I don't think we've spent more than a buck or two on toys and furniture.
The kitties' grandmeowmy makes all of their goodies for them.
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a £35/$70 leather and crystal cat collar from a designer shop in Greenwich here in London!
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$95 on a big cat tree..... best money i ever spent lol
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Cat furnitures and carriers, definitely.

Or is that the pair of eyeglasses chewed up by one of my cats....does it count?
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I was going to say the Drinkwell fountain ($40-$50), but then I remembered that the cat tree we made cost us about $60... but then I remembered about the cat enclosure. So... it's the cat enclosure... somewhere over $400.
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We spent $200 on big cat tree. We bought it during a move because my SO wanted to have it there for them when they got to the new house. He wanted them to have something special to help them through the trauma of moving. I thought it was so sweet. I was glad they liked it.
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Their cat tree for $120.... and if you count reoccuring expenses... $30 a bag for their food... and they go through it fast!!
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Probably also the water fountain for $40, they have a load of beds and tents that are $15-20 each, but probably $200 for all of them... we made their tree pretty cheaply but no idea of the cost as we had most of the materials here anyway.
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200 bucks on the new cat tree.. I think I spent 50 on the first petmate fountain.. it started leaking so we have a smaller cheaper one now.. Hmm also 25 bucks on a litter mat, 35 bucks on the old cat tree. Oh yes, hubby bought on knee high piece of furniture before for them for christmas that was about 70-80 bucks.
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Between me and my mom we have probably spent over 100$ at one time on various cat stuff. One item though about 30$
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Originally Posted by Cearbhaill View Post

That is so cool. We're so getting one of them when we have room....
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We have bought three Litter-Robots........well maybe they were really for us, not the furless kids.
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I would say the $150 cat tree, but I think it's really the $123,600 townhome we just purchased (and are moving to on Saturday ) with all of the great kitty features - hardwood floors for better batting of toys, large picture windows looking out on a HUGE tree (Kitty TV), stairs for chasing on...
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The most expensive "accessories" i've ever purchased for my kitties would definitely be the after-hours emergency vet trips! I've paid hundreds of bucks in med. bills for all my yes, my vet qualifies as an expensive accessory lol ./ Hummm other than that i'm not sure- i buy my girls stuff all the time, but it's usually not to expensive....they're spoiled rotten! I love my girls
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Probably my cat wheel. I had to pay my dad back about $100 in materials.
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I would have to agree with StarryEyedTiger. In the last three months I've spent almost $1000 on Rambo's medical care (between the UTI and then the bout of the calicivirus). I call his hospitalization his "spa vacation" as it cost as much as one!!! Knock on wood that's the end of those for awhile.

Otherwise, probably buying the house so they could have better windows, more space and of course their own room!!!
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Originally Posted by SolarityBengals View Post
Probably my cat wheel. I had to pay my dad back about $100 in materials.

That is so cool!!!
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Well we have spent so much money on our babies..we just ordered a huge tree for them and it's going to be over a thousand dollars with shipping, It's supposed to be Bellas B-day present her b-day is September 19th but I don't think she's going to make it to see her tree sadly
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Probably my cat tree, it was about $60-$65 including shipping on EBay
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