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What do you wear?

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To work? Are you able to dress casual, or do you have to dress in business attire?

I'm pretty lucky - they are really nice about what I can wear since I work in a body shop. I am pretty careful about wearing heels - cuz when you walk into the shop and its all wet on the floor, you can slip and fall pretty easily!

I can wear jeans and a nice shirt - as long as I don't look sloppy.

What about you?
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My work has the best dress code ever: nothing too low cut, no spaghetti strap tank tops, no offensive words on t-shirts, no plastic flip flops, no daisy dukes and keep the holes in your jeans to a minimum.
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Business casual for me. Though we tend to be more casual. Especially in the summer. Usually I wear dress pants and some type of knit top in the winter and a skirt (knee length or longer) and sleeveless top in the summer.
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What are daisy dukes?

I work in an office and the dress is casual / smart.

We can wear jeans on a friday, but the restof the week its smartish trousers and a nice top. Tho during the summer the girls all wear strappy vest tops and flip flops.
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A gun. Well, you know, with a uniform and badge and everything. If I had to figure out what to wear to work every day it would take me hours. I like the uniform - it narrows the choices down to 'dress shirt' or 'casual shirt'!
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Originally Posted by Rachey View Post
What are daisy dukes?

I work in an office and the dress is casual / smart.

We can wear jeans on a friday, but the restof the week its smartish trousers and a nice top. Tho during the summer the girls all wear strappy vest tops and flip flops.

Short shorts... don't you remember Dukes of Hazard?
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I wear a gross navy blue t-shirt that's too big, khaki pants, and sandals (no flippyflops). The t-shirt says "tour guide" and the name of the school on the front, which means that anytime someone sees me on the way to or from work they think I will know the answer to any question they have. Including where is "random person's name" right now? I don't know. There are like 40,000 people here on any given day!

Why on earth would the uniform of people who have to work outside in summer be NAVY BLUE?!?!?!?!?!
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Whatever I want

At my other job its business casual, but seen as I am only in the office on Wednesdays and Fridays, I wear jeans pretty much all week.
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I can wear whatever I want. Also, I can dye my hair any color and get whatever piercings or tattoos or whatnot. But I do have an on-campus job with my college. So that's the norm.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post

Why on earth would the uniform of people who have to work outside in summer be NAVY BLUE?!?!?!?!?!
When I was an orientation leader at the U of A for the summer, we had to wear heavy knit polo shirts. I'm a small person and the shirt was 3 sizes too big. We had two different shirts, one for day one one for day 2. One was red and white stripes and the other was a black/beige houndstooth pattern. Giving tours across a campus in 100 degree heat is absolutely miserable, plus we had to wear backpacks that weighed about 30 lbs.
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Fortunately for me we have no set dress code. I usually wear jeans and whatever top I put my hand on.
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I wear scrubs to work. They are so comfy!
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I just work at the pet store down the street, so, even though I love dressing in cute clothes, they actually prefer that you dress down since cleaning can be a little messy.
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Since I'm the boss anything goes. But for meeting clients a nice polo shirt and khaki shorts unless its a commercial client then I might wear a skirt. For working its shorts, sporta bra and a clean tank top-no slogans on anything. And work boots/socks!! And my gardening hat too!!
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I now work in a very casual office, and certain people dress anyway they want. I still dress the way I always have, which is business casual- I mean why dress down because other people do? I guess I'm following mom's advice to not jump off a cliff just because other people have!!!
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I've always needed to wear scrubs which is really handy. I can get fun, pretty designs, they're very easy to maintain, and it eliminates the "what should I wear today?".

For the last couple of months, though, I've been in the office, and since I'm usually in the back, for the first time in years, I can wear whatever I want (within reason). This has been fun for a change, especially since it's Summer, and I've been pretty much wearing my favorite jeans, tops, and sandals!
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Mine is business casual. Meaning, basically you have to dress up. I wish I could wear jeans to work!!
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The last couple days it's been casual since the new semester hasn't started yet and the students aren't attending. But tomorrow we have to start wearing business casual because the dean will be in. They said it doesn't have to be high heels or anything. Just no jeans
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I have to wear a uniform

A white button up dress shirt with a navy blue tie, with navy blue dress pants and black shoes.

In the summer though we are allowed to wear a company golf shirt instead of the tie
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My job is business casual. This time of year, I usually wear peasant or broomstick skirts, with a nice blouse and my ever-present high heels. Come winter, I'll be in suits, dress pants or blazer/skirt/pants combos.

We are allowed to wear jeans, on Fridays and Saturdays but, not T-shirts.
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I work for a pretty big software company and their dress code is pretty casual which is nice!

Today I'm wearing jeans, a white singlet, and a blue shirt over that with my favourite comfy shoes. It's so nice to not have to dress up!
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boxers, tank top, hello kitty slippers its the best dress code ive ever had!
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My office is extremely casual, so much so to the point where so women wear sweatsuits to work I don't quite go that casual, but I usually wear jeans and whatever clean shirt is on top of the pile
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Ours is pretty lax...in the winter most people where jeans and a sweatshirt (or flannel shirt) around here.
I set my own standards by dressing business casual for the week and jeans on Friday. Not really because of habit, but more for professionalism. I'm suppose to be a manager so I figure I should dress the part.
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We don't have a strict dress code. I wear jeans and a nice top most days. I will wear a skirt on occasion. I see a lot of customers so I try to be presentable most days.
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Jeans and sneakers, unless I have to go to the main office, then it is strictly business attire.
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In my firm, it's business M-TH, and then business casual on Friday. But the business attire doesn't always have to be a suit. Today I have on black gouchos, with a black & white knit top with white stitching, pearls, and black & white heels. (I did try to take a pic with my black & white kitty this morning, and she wanted no parts of it....) You can wear sleeveless, but no tanks or straps, and no shorts or flip flops. Fridays you can wear jeans (no holes) and tops, but no logos. So I'll wear a nice pair of jeans/capris with strappy heels and either a button up blouse, or a casual top. (In the winter, I can wear my Uggs, and that's all that matters!!! )
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My work is slightly more casual than business casual, but jeans and sweatpants are definitely not allowed. Some people dress more formally than others, and when the Big Bosses are in town we all wear nicer clothing, but for the most part I wear nice capri shorts, a dress shirt and sandals. We're attached to a factory, and those of us who work in the office aren't allowed in the factory area because we don't dress appropriately for health and safety reasons (we're allowed to wear sandals, heels and open-toed shoes; factory workers are not).

I think I'd be lost working at a place that expected employees to wear real business casual or more formal business-wear. It's just not a look I know how to put together.
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I am lucky because we can wear whatever we want here...even though its a corporate enviroment the company I work for is very laid back and they are very generous to their employees....so usually 2 days a week I wear my jean gaucho's/capri's with a nice shirt and then the other days it's b/t a skirt, different color gaucho's or a dress.....it's always up in the air for me
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I'm a lucky duck too! I can wear jeans, but during the summer I wear capri pants every day...........
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