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What a strange cat I have

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Ok, I have more than one strange cat, that is for sure! LOL But right now, I am talking about Karma. She is a feral that wandered in about 8 months ago. She is a muted tortise shell- really muted, more gray than anything else. Until recently she was Queen of the Shop and would lay curled up on Mike's knives of all things! But lately, she has wandered into the house, and wants to be Lap Kitty Extraordinare! The problem is her claws, she is constantly kneeding them in and out, all the time she is on our laps. Both of us have puncture marks from her over abundant show of love. She also sidles up to Kenai, and rubs against her legs, goes under her belly and makes *nice* But, then she must realize where she came from, and she is big bad feral Karma and she spits, and hisses, and swipes out at Kenai's nose and turns into this spitty hissy monster! It is to funny- if I stomp my feet on the floor she will turn on me and attack (but not hurt) my feet. Thank God for thick socks and slippers! It is as if she is conflicted, and she really doesn't know how to be a nice cat, as she has had to fend for herself for so long. She was virtually impossible to get near when she first arrived. So I hope this split personality settles down soon- or Kenai is going to have a split nose and scratched eyeballs. So far, Kenai has been so tolerant, and when Karma gets this way, she will go lay down some distance away and look at me and sigh, as if to say- "Mom? Where did my playmate go?" I did try and find her a home about 3 months ago, and it was the first time I did this without checking out the home first. The woman completely snowed me or charmed me or something. But whenI went to retrieve my carrier, I scooped Karma out of that evil place so fast and couldn't apologize to her enough. I told her for as long as she lives, she will always be with us no matter what! So, she can spit and hiss all she wants- this home is hers.

I have been really busy over here lately. The weather is so nuts! It actually snowed here yesterday, and right now it is hailing- but earlier it was actually sunny?????? I have just finished an order for a client back east. He wanted a hawk on his pistol grip. Here is the finished work. What do you guys think?
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Beautiful story! Beautiful artwork!

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Is there anything you can't do? LOL
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Yes, I can't win the lottery! But I keep trying! *EG*
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Hissy, the gun handle is beautiful, and your story is charming. We once had a feral/stray? cat who spent a whole winter outside our patio door looking in longingly at all the love and attention we showered on our 6 cats. It broke our hearts to watch him, but 6 was our limit. We fed him daily, and gave him a little bit of attention, but in the springtime he began limping badly. We took him to the vetwho said his paws were all torn up, and that he needed to stay inside.....so then he sat in our living room looking out at the world he once owned. We really loved this kitty, who we named Booger, and we decided to give 7 a shot. He used to sleep on my head and Kneed my scalp with his claws. Sometimes he would get so carried away that he would get my hair all tangled in his claws. He was a sweetheart, but 7 was just too much for us. We were able to find a good home for him. He now lives in New York City
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Hissy, the gun handle is beautiful. You are so talented. If you figure out how to win the lottery be sure to share it with all of us!LOL
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Oh Hissy....your artwork is beautiful! You are so talented!!!!
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