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A bit of a trauma last night..

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Hi all, last night my hubbys Dad came round to help my hubby carry our new cast iron bath upstairs, well unfortunately hubby wasn't home from work yet (at 8;00pm) and wouldn't be back for an hour, I told his Dad but he said he didn't mind hanging around.... anyway, I carried on clearing out the room where the bath was going to go (a bedroom at the moment as it is being re-enamelled) so I was moving our computer desk out... I was upstairs and I heard this dragging noise, and realised my hubby's Dad was trying to move the bath by himself, when all of a sudden he started screaming!! I ran downstairs and he was shouting he'd "bust" his finger, so I offered to get a bandage, anyway, when he turned around, there was blood everywhere and his finger was hanging off.... just barely attached!! (The bath had fallen and crushed his finger against the wall between the actual roll of the bath) I had to call an ambulance and went with him to hospital (how I didn't faint I'll never know, I'm soooo pathetically squeamish!)
About 20 mins after we got there hubby turned up (I'd called him while waiting for the ambulance) and they rushed his Dad off for x-ray.....to cut a long story short, he had to stay overnight and is going in for surgery thismorning.... they are "hoping" to save the finger, but if not, it will have to be amputated
We eventually got home at about 1:00am thismorning, and walked into a hallway full of blood.... I've never seen so much!! Thankfully hubby cleaned it up, as I don't think I could've managed it....
We should hear soon how the surgery went, I just hope they did save the finger as he is a manual worker and it would be so difficult without it....
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Hopefully, surgery will be successful. I am sending positive healing energy toward your father-in-law for a good recovery.
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BodLover - how AWFUL. Your poor dad-in-law.

I was going to say I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I guess that would be in appaling taste (sorry - warped sense of humour . . .?)

Seriously, I do hope all is well with him. Even if they do manage to save the finger, it will take months of physio to get it back to normal.

I must say, from your description you coped admirably - I would have gone to pieces and screamed the place down alongside him.

Wishing your d-i-l all good luck.
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Oh Rhea - this is terrible news! I am praying for a full recovery for your father in law! The hospitals can do marvelous things these days ~ and I hope this is true in your case! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.
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Awful news, Rhea, just awful! I don't know what to say other than I pray he'll be well and surgery will win in the end.

Thinking of you and yours,

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Rhea, I hope everything goes well for your father-in-law. How scary that must have been for the both of you!

BTW I have to commend you on keeping it together because I would have freaked out. It's funny I work with animal blood everyday but human blood make my knees shake.
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Oh Rhea, how terrible! I hope they are able to save the finger and he soars thru his recovery!

In my thoughts.
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I'm so sorry to hear this!! You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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How scary for all of you. He must of just thought he could help you with no assistance.I will pray that his finger can be re-attached without problems. The poor man!
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Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and words..... I have good news!! He has just come out of surgery and they managed to save the finger!! .... he's now in recovery, feeling very groggy, but OK
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Didn't see this until just now and I'm glad to hear that they saved his finger! You really handled yourself well with all that trauma!
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Rhea - I'm so sorry to hear about your father-in-law, but I'm also so happy to hear the surgery was successful. Medicine is just amazing these days, especially what they can do with surgery. I hope his recovery goes well.

It sounds like you did great! I'm sure your quick thinking and fast call for the ambulance helped save his finger.
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Good work, Rhea. You're always surprised at what you are capable of, during a crisis. Glad they saved the finger.

Now, isn't that just like a man, though? "I can do it, myself." I go through this with Bill, quite often. Most of the time, I can talk him into waiting for help, though.
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I am so glad everything went ok with the surgery! That must have been a horrible experience! Why is it that men think they can do it (whatever "it" is) without any help?

My thoughts are with him for a swift recovery.
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That's great news that it looks like they were able to save the finger! I think you are to be commended for holding yourself together long enough to get your father in law the assistance he needed!
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I'm glad they were able to save his finger. I, too, commend you for keeping it together. It's amazing what people do in a crisis. Although I also have to say, after he recovers, you really need to give that man a good talking to about trying to do something like that by himself!
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Just saw this....that had to be so scary! I am so glad they were able to save his finger! I hope he is feeling better soon!!!!!
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I am so glad that everything has turned out okay.

I think it is amazing how a person can handle a situation, such as this, like a pro. Where before a person might think they could not handled such a crisis.

I guess this is how we grow and realize we are stronger than we think.

Job well done Bodlover. I'm glad everyone is okay.
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