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radio question of the day: 08/09/10

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When is the last time you flew and to where?
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Wow I have an exciting answer - Cancun! Yah my honeymoon about a month ago . It was the second time I've ever been out of the country.

You know...I used to live in NH (majority of my life)...yet never went to Canada? I think thats wierd.
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Summer 2003 Myrtle Beach.
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Jamaica! And I guess it would be a year ago! (said in my most whiny temper tantrum voice) I wanna go back!!!
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December of 2004 - Ireland
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
December of 2004 - Ireland
I'm so jealous! The last time (and only time) I flew was to Baltimore.
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1998 From Germany to the USA
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January of this year - to Santa Barbara.
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End of June to Mexico.
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December of 2000 to Washington D.C.
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1997 to Disney World, Florida
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My grandfather's funeral...
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August 2002 to Hawaii, and boy is that a long flight
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day after Christmas of 2004, up to Washington State to visit my parents and next time I fly will be day after Christmas of this year up to Washington State with my husband and baby to see my parents and grandparents
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2yrs ago for my Grandfather's funeral in Illinois.
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I flew from Calgary, Alberta, to Hamilton, Ontario, after a four-day road-trip to Calgary with two of my girlfriends. This was in ... ohhhh, I dunno, 1999 or 2000. Coincidentally, the last time I took a vacation. Can I cry now?

On a side note, it took as long to fly from Calgary to Thunder Bay, Ontario (where my plane stopped to refuel and let some passengers off) as if took to fly from Thunder Bay to Hamilton. Ontario is really big! (As is Canada. )

* strolls away humming The Arrogant Worms' "Canada's Really Big" *
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June 2006 to St. Lucia for my honeymoon
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Never been in a plane or any flying apparatus...
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I flew to Seattle last year for my Step-gramma's funeral
I'll probably have to fly to Montana later this year for new truck plates.

Maybe my folks'll just come get me and we'll drive up.
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From Minnesota to Colorado, and then from Colorado to Iowa last August- first to visit my dad, then to visit my (at the time) long distance boyfriend. This next January I'm flying to Thailand!
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I've never flown anywhere before
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The last time I flew was the return trip from Miami after taking my cruise in February. I was feeling so yucky it was awful!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Never been in a plane or any flying apparatus...

me neither.
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2000 to Chicago for a conference
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I last flew this afternoon

Granted it was a 2 seat trainer but I went up and taught a student how to climb and descend
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My daughter and I flew to Dallas Texas to see Britney Spears. lol I know I know
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It was 11 years ago...when I was 11 ...we flew from houston, tx to birmingham, al...so we could pick out a house to buy because we were moving...I haven't flown since...I like driving better!! plus its cheaper
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I have never flown.
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Last Sunday (August 6) from Cleveland back home to Colorado.

Do I win anything for "Most Recent Flight?"
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September 2005, to Tallahassee, FL for a college football game. In December of this year I'm flying to Orlando as part of winning the Disney Expedition Everest Contest. It's the first time I'm going to Orlando in a plane.
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