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another post regarding food.

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Okay. Everything I'm seeing on this website, everything I've seen on cat info sites, and everything I've read in cat books says feed wet or raw, possibly supplementing with dry.

So why does everyone I know INSIST that wet food is
a. bad for cats
b. for treats only
c. if you feed them wet food they won't eat dry and will whine for wet food constantly
d. all of the above

I'm so confused.

However, seeing as I've told my boyfriend that I am gonna be doing the spending on whatever cats we get (except vet bills- he makes more money than me), I'm feeding our cat/s wet food.
So I've got a few questions.

Is pouch or can better?
How much how many times per day?
If we feed a cat wet food every day, how do we stop the abovementioned, letter c, from happening?
Should we leave down dry at all? I've seen conflicting info in this area.
Will it hurt a 12 year old kitty to change from all dry to some/all wet diet?

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wet food has lots of falsys running aroun..

Wet food is better than dry as it is a more natural diet with lots of moisture... Vets are evan coming around to cats NEED at least a 5-6 ounce can a wek of wet food
Wet food doesnt promote decay but dry food does think of eating veggies with a cheese sauce or potato chips which sticks more to your teeth... the chips...

Wet foods evan the low quaity ones have far more meat than dry .. Cats are obligate carnivores they need meat ..
I was born into having cats and my whole life my cats have had both wet and dry... My 18 yr old has all of her teeth... I am finding Raw better but for most folks wet is the best they can make or get ...

At 12 I would highly recommend a senior panel to check major organ fuction and a nearly if not all wet diet
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About your letter "c". If you feed your cat meals, even with dry, then you will find they will ask for their meals around the time you give them (they will tell you to hurry up, or if you are late with the meal they will let you know). Giving meals is more natural to the cat (wet or dry) because cats are not grazers, they eat meals. Eating continuously throughout the day can promote obesity.

As far as will they yawl all the time? No. They will get used to the wet food and it will not be anything special after a while. They might also be more contented with their meal. My cats are quite satisfied after each meal whether its raw or if I accidentally didn't thaw something and I give wet.

Its just so much healthier for them to have a higher moisture content in their foods.
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Thanks guys! I'm so excited, we get our 12 yr old kitty on Friday

I know how important the moisture content is, and I've been less than impressed with the dry food ingredient listings I've been seeing. I'm thinking I'll try giving her Nature's Recipe. Anyone know about that one? The first few ingredients are all named meat... Oh and there was another good one I saw... can't remember the name.
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I dont like Natures recipe due to by products in there wet( a few have none) the amount of soy in many formulas and the digest

Look at
Natural balence
SOlid Gold
Moew mix pouches
Iams( some of the new ones are actually decent)
Pet Gold

many of these can be found at large pet stores as well as small

Congrates on adopting a senior
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Congratulations on your new kitty!!
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Thanks for the advice! I'll check our local Petco for those brands.
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