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Update on Villy

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Hi all,

I wrote on here about Villy 10 days ago asshe was going to the vet with a sore paw. At the vet they thought it must have been a bite or sting, but there was no wound, so she had an anti-inflammatory injection & antibiotics. She had to go back if it didn't clear up in 5 days. So, after 5 days she was still the same so we went back. She had another anti-inflammatory injection and has 5-7 days to get better, or the next step is an x-ray.
The problem is, it's 5 days later and she's still not better. She still using her scratching mat, and walking around, but it's obviously still sore as she's holding it up and limping. But taking her to the vets REALLY stresses her out. She's an anxious cat anyway, but after a trip to the vets she gets the runs, she really miserable and hides for 2 days. I really don't want to stress her out more than necessary. The vet thinks it could be a pulled muscle and may recover on it's own, with time.
What should I do? My S.O and I want to wait maybe another week before taking her back, I don't want to give her unnecesary stress, but don't want her in pain for too long either. Help!
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Personally I would definately opt for the x-ray or at the very least another opinion. Please give her plenty the huggs and kisses for me!
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Xray and a second opnion.. A ultrasound may also be helpful
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