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I'm in love

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with a kitty at the shelter where I volunteer.
He's 3 months old and only has 3 legs because one was caught in a fence and had to amputated.
He's the most lovable cat who just melts in my lap.
But it breaks my heart that maybe no one will want him because he's missing a leg.

I can't adopt another cat right now, because I'll be moving soon, but I've decided that if he's still at the shelter in a few months, after I've moved, I'm taking him.

Does anyone have experience taking care of cats with missing limbs?
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He got adopted today!
A nice girl who works at the shelter took him home and she's very excited.
I'll miss him but I'm glad he's going to a good home and it makes me so happy that there are good people in the world.
He really is the sweetest kitty...
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Awww ....... how sweet hes going to his furever home to be loved inspite of everything...... Thanks for updating !! There will be another kitty you will fall in love with all over again, too.
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Wonderful news!

Cats usually do manage well to live with three legs. Some do even successfull mouse-and bird catching.
You may be optimistic for his whereabouts.
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Not any personally experience, but when I was showing cats, I remember a very nice HHP who was shown with 3 legs. Did very well in the shows - you didn't even know he only had 3 legs till they took him out of the cage. But he had the most adorable personality and seems very happy - purring all the time.
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