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Daily Thread Wed Aug 9th 2006

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Happy Hump Day!!!
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Good Morning Everyone!!!

Last night I got my sink full of dishes done! Stop playing, that is a big accomplishment!!! I have to do them by hand! I made pork chops for dinner, and they turned out great. Hubby vacuumed (I know, I'm gonna put in on the calendar & celebrate it every year like a holiday!), and I gave my LuckyGirl a few hours of quality time. I really had Ms. Bella713 and baby Bella on my heart last night, and wanted to give my "baby" some extra extra attention to show her how much I love her. We cuddled, we played (till my hand went numb...), we had TONS of treats, and she adored every minute of it. I wanted her to feel like she is the center of my world! (and I'm sure she did, as hubby was beginning to get jealous)

Plans for tonight? Ummm, cleaning my bathroom, the litter box, & the turtle tank. Yuck.

Hope you all have a great day! And remember to take some time to appreciate your kitties!!!
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Good Morning! I am so glad its Wednesday. I am going for a bike ride this afternoon providing it doesn't rain. I am picking up a diningroom table after work that my mom bought from a co worker. I am a little tired though!
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I'm tired too but it could still be from my excitement from last night. I did help a friend paint the back side of their barn yesterday and got lots of sun. She almost had to go to the emergency room yesterday too as she got a deep cut on her leg while opening the paint can. We cleaned it and I put a couple of butterfly bandaid things on it!! If I feel more awake later I will work on digging out more stones and haul in a bit of topsoil. Thats about all on agenda for today!!
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Good Morning everyone!!

We are half way through the week!! I've been really busy, so I haven't been on here as much, but I still love you guys!! I will try to pop in here as much as I can.

I hope y'all have a great day!!
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Because of my new job/schedule, I am off today. Rowdy actually let me sleep, until almost 7.

Still two days, until payday so I won't be out shopping. Think I'll clean my floors.
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We've got rain! After 2 weeks of extreme heat, it's relatively nice.
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good morning everyone YES its wednesday which means tomorrow is payday and then the weekend is almost here!!! yay!!! this morning i was like ugh i dont want to wake up but i did and i am cleaning right now. shortly i gotta get ready and go to work only 5 and a half hours today not bad even tho it was supposed to be my day off!!!! lol well i better finish cleanin everyone have a good day see all of you later!!!!!
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I am working from home getting orientation booklets ready for the new set of interns starting in September, enjoying some 'me' time while my BF is away for work and snyggling with the kitties
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Good Evening!
I am terribly ill, on saturday night i went out and it poured, all over my arm and back, then i walked for 2 hrs in the early hours of the morning because the trains were done for the night!
So now i am sick, and i wish it would just go away!

I mainly slept the whole day
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Aww Fwan I am sorry you are sick!! I hope you feel better soon!
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Yesterday was my day off
I went out with a friend of mine and bought newww sheets and some kitty dishes- we get my brother's kitty on Friday!
Today, I work until 5 (2.5 more hours yay) and then I'll go home and make tuna salad for dinner... My sweetie called me on his lunch break just to say I love you, he's such a cutie. And I gotta clean up more, and find out when we can pick up our new loveseat and easychair.
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