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Too many cats???

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I have a foster momcat and 3 of her remaining litter residing in a bedroom. The kittens are 9 weeks. I had been letting Veruca (the mother) out to get to know my 4 cats because I planned to keep her. It was going okay. No fights, just a little hissing. Last week I decided to let one of the kittens out too. Veruca started chasing my resident cats if they came too close. I assume she was protecting her kittens.

I really want to be able to let the kitten we are keeping (Elvis) bond with the family, including the cats. Elvis and Veruca have been taking turns coming out. But I don't think it's working. Veruca is still chasing the cats and the cats are not getting a chance to get used to Elvis. And Veruca seems to want to be in the room with her kittens most of time, which is a change from the previous weeks. I am seriously wondering if 6 cats is just going to be too many.

Any suggestions? Should I start over with the "towel" trick?
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Definately try a reintroduction before making a decision, maybe when the kittens are a little older.
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If Veruca is comfortable with the other resident cats, she will be agreeable showing off her babies. Perhaps she's still insecure.
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Give mom a little more time to get comfy around her new house mates. HTen introduce her baby.
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