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Just got two cool cat things..

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I just wanted to tell everyone about the cool cat things I got off of Ebay today!
First I got a cat "ball" which is really a smaller version of the bean bag chair. They aren't sure what that is for yet, but it is slowly becoming obvious to them.
The second thing is a cat hammock. Not the ones you put on your windows,(I have two of them! LOL!)this one sits on the floor but is basically the same thing as the hammock you put on your windows, only you can move it anywhere you want it. It is now Twigs new bed. He loves it and I am hoping it gets alot of use. So far he's only laid in it twice, but I think he needs to get more comfortable with it then he'll sleep in it more. It just has that new smell about it and I think they aren't sure about that. But so far, they like them both. Luna likes the ball. She likes to kneed things and that is perfect for her.Rocket and Isis aren't sure which ones to play with first. they go from one to the other the back again.
Sorry I just had to brag... I think these are so cute!
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They sound really neat! I have a few window hammocks and my cats love them except during really hot weather because they are lined with suede material.

But this morning, I needed to dry out a king-size fitted sheet and the clothesline was full, so I stretched the sheet between two hooks that normally have windchimes attached to them, the sheet hung between the open doorway to outside, so it looked like a big ol hammock. I wasn't gone but 15 minutes and when I came back, there was Shredder who had leaped up into the center of the sheet and settled in like it was a hammock! LOL No film in the camera this time of course, but he looked so funny just swaying in the breeze.
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I don't think I've ever seen a cat hammock. I may have to find one though...sounds amusing and interesting.

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You bought a snuggle ball!? I always wanted to get one for the cats(and one for the dogs) but in the pet catalogs they are so expensive. Maybe I'll have to take a peek in Ebay.
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