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For the past few months my 9 year old DLH has been very distant. I maybe see him for 10 minutes a day. I wouldn't be upset but he was the most LOVIEST LAP CAT ever before! Now I will call him and he'll just keep walking out of my room when he's done eating. Do you think it's just cause it's summer and he wants to be outside al the time? Because he's very close when you're outside. I just find it strange and I feel like I'm neglecting him somehow because I've recently acquired to Netherland Dwarf rabbits and they both LOVE him! Could that be why? Is he just mad? .. And ideas/suggestions extremely welcome!
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It could very well be that he is jealous of the rabbits. When I got my turtles a few years ago my cat was jealous of them. I didn't think she would even notice but everytime I went near their tank she would come over and demand attention. I think they can sense somehow that there is another animal in the house. I would just try paying extra attention to him and hopefully he'll come around. Good luck.
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Yup i agree. when i got my second cat my first one got very sulky. spending more time with your cat could really help, i've heard that talking to your cat is good. it might be because your cat is getting a older he would want a more sleep or just to be alone for a while. try sitting quietly next to your cat when he's asleep and just rub him under the chin, also don't look him in the eye if he seems angry with you- makes him more pissed!
hope it helps!
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Make sure there are no health problems. In my experience if they are jealous aka feeling ignored they won't walk off and avoid you. On the contrary they'll do everything to get your attention. When was his last vet visit?
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