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No tail...

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How can I upload a photo?
I want to show a picture of my other cat. She has no tail. She was born that way. By the way, at what "age" can a cat have kittens?
This cat, Mixy, is a year and a half old and she hasn't had any.
It could be a male because I can't really tell becuase the tail is kind of not letting me know it's sex.
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The easiest way to upload a photo is saving it to your computer, and uploading it to photbucket or flickr or another free picture website, and then copying the url into the dialog box that pops up when you click th e"insert image" button when typing a post (it looks like a postcard of a mountain).

As for your cat, the earliest cats can get pregnant is probably around four months. But, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to have them get pregnant. The best thing to do is have your cat get to a vet, since you don't know if it's a boy or a girl I'm assuming you haven't, and have her or him spayed or neutered. There is no reason on earth not to do so, unless you are a registered breeder and have dedicated your entire life to the breed. If youe need help finding a low cost clinic, we'll be glad to help you look. There are numerous health benefits to having your cat fixed, and absolutely no benefits to not having them fixed.
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The best thing you can do for your kitty is to get him or her neutered.

In any case, at its age, it's well past time to register with a vet and have a check up.
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for your replies. I hope that the picture shows.
This is Mixy. She is a year and a half.

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You have a "torbie", which means female - tortoiseshell/tabby - torties are almost all the time female. Very rare to be a male.

Anyway, get her spayed now. Don't wait. Unspayed females run a much higher risk of cancer and other problems. She's a mix and should be altered.
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Very pretty kitty, love that bunny tail! And she is a girl as GoldenKitty said, most tortoiseshells are female Also please get your kitty altered ASAP, at a year and a half old she is way overdue for it, no need for her to have kittens for any reason, they are already too many kittens out there looking for a home
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I will then take her as soon as I can.
Thank you.
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I was also going to suggest that if you weren't sure about the sex that it was probably a female - you can definitely tell an unaltered male

She's a pretty girl, and good on you for deciding to get her spayed.
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Mixy did have kittens after one year and a half old. Unfortunately, they didn't make it.
Now I will take her to the vet but she is still showing that she has a lot of milk.
Before I knew that she had had her kittens, I had arranged for 7 month old Sassy to be spayed so Sassy is there today.
I will try to find some kind of assistance for the spaying of Mixy as soon as possible.
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