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More prayers requested to save kitty family!

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In a continuation of my previous thread...http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91083
The person's tomcat Tiger is still missing. A trap will be set, but he has not been spotted for over a week.

Piglet is close to delivery, and her sister seems to be preggers, too. Prayers are urgently requested that the owner will surrender the girls to me to foster, so the kittens are born at my house. The cats have given birth and nursed their various kittens together at their current home, so the plan is to keep the girls together so they can co-mother the new litters at my house. The person is saying I will be allowed to foster the two girls...but I know that actually surrendering them to me for a period of two months or more will be very difficult.

And one kitten was found to have a heart murmer, so at just over two pounds, the vet sent her home without spaying her. She is to be checked again in one month, to see if the murmur has gone away.

One male kitten was under 2 pounds....he was born tiny and injured when young. The good news is that he is in good health according to the vet. However, he can't be neutered until he gets a little bigger.

So...much progress has been made, but until every cat is speutered, I will not feel at ease.

Also, the day the owner took the first cats to the vet to be spayed, she stayed near the vet rather than going home. This was due to the distance and the expense of gas. While she was gone, her elderly dog died, possibly due to the heat as the home is not air conditioned. She feels at fault for not being there for her dog, and for forcing the dog inside rather than leaving her outside in the dog run.

So while progress has been made, there is also a lot of pain in the family. Please keep them all in your prayers, that Tiger will be found, and that Piglet and her sister will visit me to give birth, and that all the kitties get speutered. And that the human of the family heals from her pain.
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Sending lots and lots of prayers out for Tiger and the rest of her family. How awful that they have all had to live without air conditioning Poor doggie, may she be playing happily over RB - how sad for the poor lady, to finally be doing right by her cats only to have her dog die. However, since the dog was elderly, it may have just been it's time to go; I hope that somehow she can resolve her guilt and move on in a positive way. And I do hope that you get to foster the upcoming little ones.. A difficult situation, but you have made great progress and that deserves much recognition
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They and you are in my prayers.
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Tomorrow I will be calling the owner to see if she will let me foster Piglet and her sister Eeyore. I think it will be very hard for her to let me have her babies for a few months. I will post the outcome, which hopefully will be me having Piglet and Eeyore this weekend.
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I have everything crossed that this story has a positive outcome, and it is so sad about her dog - but as someone else said, he was elderly so may have just been his time.
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Prayers and good vibes to the family and the cats. Keep up the good work, you've been an angel!
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I have the girls! Pics posted here...
So far Eeyore is staying in her carrier, but Piglet came out and tried to hide behind a little plastic set of drawers in the room. She was too fat to squeeze in, so just had her face hidden!

I pulled the bottom drawer out, and adjusted things so she can fit in her chosen hiding place. Poor girl, I hope she settles in before the kittens come!

Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers....another TCS success story!
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I am so pleased that this has a happy ending. Good on you Becky.
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Piglet is delivering her kittens! Pics posted here...
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