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Lusa has worms

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Well, I suspected my kitten Lusa was wormy because of her bloated tummy...Lusa went to the vet today for her itchy ears and a fecal exam. She has coccidia and roundworms. There were no mites present in her ears, but my husband and I have been cleaning them with Epi-Otic fluid for the last three days.

The vet applied Revolution to get rid of the fleas, worms, and any possible leftover mites. He also sent us home a wormer for Lusa (and my dog Stockey) to take in a week. He gave us a tube of Virbac Lysine gel to boost her immunity.

How long does it usually take to get rid of worms? Should I feed her more to support her recovery? What are the usual protocols for sanitizing her litter box and living space for worms?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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Im sorry no one replied.........and I really dont have any advice ........ someone will be around to answer you ............
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Well, if it makes you feel any better, coccidia and rounds aren't too uncommon in kitties. The revolution should help treat the roundworms within a few days of application. After it is applied, it gets absorbed systemically and takes care of the internal parasites first, then is distributed through the skin for the fleas, etc.

The coccidia usually takes a few days to clear up, normally the treatment course is 5 days with Albon.

Keep feeding her as normal. And make sure that you scoop the litterbox at least 1-2 times daily anyways, but ecspecially to prevent parasite reinfestation. Make sure that you also practice good hygiene (wash hands after handling her or the litterbox). Both of those parasites are zoonotic (can be passed to humans) but as long as you use good hygiene, you'll be fine.

As for cleaning the box, you can use any general cleaning solution, except for any products that contain ammonia.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Oh, you should have a stool sample checked again in 4-6 weeks.
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Thank you for the advice! I wasn't sure how heavy-duty I needed to sanitize things or how often. Tapeworms, fleas, and ticks have been the only parasites I've had to deal with (in dogs) - so I was a bit freaked out. Fortunately, Lusa isn't having any diarrhea.

We're already handwashing after handling her and occasionally using a hand sanitizer.
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