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It's been a bad day.. :(

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Two of my closest friends lost their babies in the last 48 hours. Oscar was hit by a car, and George was PTS because of kidney cancer. Even though I've never met these two boys, I hope you have fun playing over the bridge. Your Mom's feel an empty spot on their beds tonight, and have been crying all day. You were both loved. You will be missed.
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I'm sooo sorry to hear such sad news. Maybe you could ask one of the mods to move this thread to the "Crossing The Bridge" forum? I think you would get more prayers and responses there for your friends. I'll keep your friends in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sorry to hear about their losses.
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I just PMed one... I posted in the wrong spot.. sorry.
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RIP Oscar and George. So very sorry for the loss to your friends.
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I will light a candle to help guide them to the bridge

RIP Oscar & George - play happily sweet boys

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I am so sorry for their losses. I'm sure your friendship and understanding at this difficult time will be a big help to them. Rest in peace, Oscar and George.
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Oscar and George, all our RB kitties will welcome you to the bridge. Play happily, sweet kitties!
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RIP sweet boys to your hurting humans.
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Rest in peace and happy play at the bridge, George and Oscar!

Peace too, to your families and all who love and miss you both.
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Bless their little hearts

Run over to Rainbow Bridge George and Oscar, your new friends are waiting to meets you, but look down on your mummies who are hurting right now
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