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Made a Kitty Ladder today

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Out of some scrap lumber, we made a kitty ladder for McGilly and MacBethie. It's about 6' long and I leaned it up from the floor to the top of a cabinet and the kittens are runnng amuck on it. I fastened it down as I don't want it to slip and hung some of their toys off the rungs so they hang underneath the ladder and the kits can play. Got some cute....cute pics if they turn out. The cat room has now changed into KittyLand. Mike says all we need now is a rollercoaster and bumper cars.
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Oh Hissy I didn't know Kitty Land was run out of your house. My cats were just talking about how they were planning on going there on their next vacation. When I asked them where Kitty Land was and they gave me this look and Sampson rolled his eyes. I guess I'm not with "it" anymore.

Ah, I'm losing it.
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Tell em they have to have an "E" ticket. E for Entertaining! Park hours are 6:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. M-Sun
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can you tell us how you made it so maybe our babies can have one like it??
A pic wouldn't hurt either, since some of us(ok me!) need that type of reference too so we know we are making it right! LOL!
Please, please, please???????
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That may be just the ticket, for Opie and Rowdy. I have to keep their bowl up out of Ike's reach. Opie doesn't have a problem getting on top of the freezer but, Rowdy pitches a fit until someone puts her up there.

I have an out-of-the-way corner in my kitchen and considered putting up a shelf, for the food bowl. A ladder would help. Bill can build almost anything and he loves to putter around the house.

We'd like to see pictures, too.
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Take 2 pieces of 1x2 lumber and cut them to the length of 6.' Make 14" long 1 1/2 x 1" wide pieces (12 total) Take the 12 pieces and with a pencil mark them approx 2" from each end. That mark will be the center line for the screws. The take the 2 long pieces and mark these about every 6". This will be where the cross-pieces go.

Use 2 screws on each side of the cross pieces to secure them.

Make sure you secure the ladder once placed. I put another crosspiece underneath the ladder toward the top to form a lip, and hooked that over the edge of the table, so it wouldn't tip over. But just make sure you secure it someway, be it with screws or string or duct tape. But you don't want this falling over and hurting your kitties.
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I have a cat tree for miss kitty...similar to a kitty ladder but with only one central support. Small platforms spaced about two feet apart let her jump to different levels. She is so rough with it that I may soon have to make or buy a new one. It is covered with carpet and she is trying to rip every inch of carpet off (better the tree than the furniture) I have some pictures but I am not sure how to post them..do you have an album area or just post them on the reply site? don new cat
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Hissy it sounds like a great room for any kitty! Trent and Ophelia want tickets if you decide to go national with Kittyland Theme Parks. Maybe when we get into our own place I can build them some cool stuff.

Don - there is a sticky at the top of this page "Your Computer Questions Answered." I know there are a couple explanations on how to post pictures in there. I would love to see pics of your cat tower!
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Hissy, how creative of you!!!! I wish I had your skills and energy. My Kittyland is the spare room which is chocablock with boxes, suitcases, bags, old clothes, old chairs etc etc - the cats love rummaging and finding new places to hide and finding things to destroy. Plus the sun shines in there all morning. My cats are jealous of the two Macs.
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Can't wait to see a picture of your kitty ladder...it sounds awesome!
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