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What wet food does your cat eat?

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In my seemingly never ending quest for good wet food that Marishka will eat, I would love to get some input!

What wet food do you feed your cat(s)? What do they love to eat? Issues/struggles in getting them to eat it at first? And, what is the consistency of the food? Would you call it a pate, mushy type? A chunky with gravy type? Shredded? Any other adjectives you can use are worth 5 points each

Thank you for all of your time and effort!
<3 Kelly
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Mine, unfortunately, are not on the greatest wet food.
They get a combination of Friskies and Pro-plan because they all like it and nobody throws up on it.

They all prefer the pate' style.
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Every cat is different I would recommend buying a bunch of the little cans in different brands and different varieties and just see what they like!

I've using 2 different sorts of wet foods at the moment (adult wet food, and adult/kitten wet food). One is a tin that's the pate style, and the other is chunks, and they both love both foods, but neither cat is terribly picky. As long as it has gravy, they're happy
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As I've posted in other threads, I tried a total of 26 different canned foods when searching for a rotation that all three of my guys would eat. I used a spreadsheet to keep it all straight.
The ones I have settled on are California Natural Chicken, California Natural Ocean Fish, Wellness Turkey, Felidae Turkey, Lamb & Fish in Chicken Broth, and a couple of Merrick flavors. I do mix in an occasional can of Fancy Feast split between the three of them..

The foods I listed are paté to mushy. A couple of the Merrick's are more shredded. I try and not let them settle too specifically on any one texture- you never know when something might be discontinued and I don't want to get caught with them limited to one type. I also feed dry California Natural and a ground, premade raw food- Aunt Jeni's, in chicken or turkey.

It really is trial and error- the best cat food in the world isn't any good at all if the cats won't eat it.
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We have a cat that was a former feral (from a colony we had) she had periodontal disease so bad that they removed all but 4 of her teeth - we feed her whatever she will eat. She once in a blue moon will swallow some dry (she likes: Fancy Feast Gourmet, Purina One Naturals (oatmeal...) and reg. Purina One - it has to be SMALL) - otherwise: she gets in moods: sometimes wants shredded, sometimes pate, some fillets, etc. (I cut up the big hunks - she won't eat them, just licks the gravy)

She does like people food if I cut it tiny - chicken, ham, roast beef, ribs, you name it - LOL

The "special" stuff: pouches, meow mix cups, etc. - possibly psych. w/her - but she will chow down on those - I tell her it's time for a "snack" and have a diff. plate - she'll eat it all.
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My girls eat Innova Lite canned. Sierra has eaten Innova wet for years and now the Lite formula is what she needs due to the protein and phosphorous content suiting her kidneys. Serenity ate the regular formula and Evo until she turned one at which time she adopted Sierra's diet of the Lite formula.

What they love to eat is a different matter altogether. Both get occasional treats of their favorite wet foods. They both love California Natural Deep Water Fish and Merrick's Ocean Breeze. Sierra enjoy Wellness Chicken and Herring and both enjoy the Salmon and Trout. Serenity all but inhales her Evo. They have occasional Nutro treat, as well, their Lite Chicken and Liver is a good treat for Sierra since it's lower in protein and phosphorous. Their favorites in this line are the Salmon and Oceanfish and Oceanfish and Tuna.

Hope this helps. My girlies feel Marishka would really enjoy some of these!
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Around here there are many many brands of wet in the rotation...

Pro pac
Natural Balence( I know they changed some of them )
Solid Gold
Meow mix in the pouches they didnt dig the cups
Pet Gold
Iams ( some of the new ones)
Eagle Pack
Sensible choice

they also get raw beef with organs chn with bone and turkey with organs
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My cat loves (in order of most to least):

-Meow mix (although I don't feed it all the time b/c of high fish content--more as a once a week thing)
-Natural Balance (chicken and liver)
-California Natural (Fish & sweet potato)
-Innova EVO
-Spa Select
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The only wet food my kitties get is raw meat.

They are on a Raw Diet. Once you find out what is in those canned wet foods and dry foods, you wont ever want to buy them again.

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Neither of mine are big on wet food. They will always eat at least a little of the Wellness Chicken or Turkey twice a day. It is pate type. They will eat a little of the Merrick's poultry variety if they hadn't had it in a while so I keep some around. It is chunky type. The only wet food they seem to really enjoy is the Meow Mix but because of all the fish I only give it to them every once in a while.
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Napolean would eat anything if he could [food allergies]. He gets Meowmix wet pouches.
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They're kittens so I have fewer choices at the moment, especially since I found that many of the more premium foods at the only store that has them are long expired.

So, they get Nutro cans the most. It's a pate type. They like it, I like it. Sometimes they get Pro Plan, just the fish type. It's flaked, a little more fine than really cheap real tuna, and the kittens dive for the plate.

They'll eat Iams canned but not as quickly. It doesn't smell as good to me. Lily loves Nutro and Iams pouches but Eve only licks the gravy, so I'm not buying them any more.
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I currently feed the Meow Mix pouches or cups, everyone likes them, except for On a Wing and A Prawn, NONE of them like i that flavor but I'm currently working on integrating some higher quality food without going broke I'm going to try California Natural, Felidae, Innova and Eagle Pack and I think something else, I don't have my list here As a rule with my kitties, they really seem to prefer the chunks, but not too big of chunks, what a bunch of spoiled brats I would go with the suggeation of buying a few small cans to see what is well received
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We've been through a few of the premium foods including California's Natural, Evo, Felidae, Nutro and Blu Spa and have settled on Nature's Variety pre-made frozen raw, but I'm still mixing it with Nature's variety canned food. They love all of the canned flavors. With the raw, they really didn't care for the rabbit (which is ok cause it costs a lot more and smells more gamey). They took pretty well to the chicken/turkey medallions, they're so-so with the venison & lamb patties. I'm trying to decide which raw to stick with, they like the chicken/turkey much better, but I worry about the day when bird flu arrives, so I'm tempted to stick with the venison & lamb.

Nature's variety raw seems a little pricey at first, but I found that my pet store has all kinds of ways to get free food with online coupons and a frequent buyer program. Their food seems to be priced on the cost of the meat source, the chicken and turkey is less expensive than the venison, duck, and rabbit. Their food is 95% meat and organs, and 5% veggies and supplements, so it makes sense that the more the meat costs, the more the food costs. I'm actually not spending too much more than when they were on Science Diet kibble and canned because they tend to eat less, stay full longer, use less litter and are far healthier.
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My cats are currently eating Wellness canned food along side solid gold dry. They seem to like it but I will probably grab a few cans of feliday wet food next time to see if they like that brand better. They never really finish any wet food I give them. But they love the dry food.

I've tried giving them chunk and shredded wet foods but all they ever do is lick off the gravey and leave the "meat". So I give them the pate type instead.
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