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Multiple wasp/hornet stings!!

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I'm still on watch for shock for about another hour!!!!
I dumped some weeds into one of my compost bins by garden shed and then watering. There must have been nest on ground-I first got stung on butt and upper thigh. Then while I was running away-abandoning shoes some came after and sting on shoulder and one got in my hair!!!!!
I screaming to Neil help me help me (doesn't come running though) I got to garage and could hear one buzzing in my hair by my ear-I took out ponytail as fast as possible and was fluffing my hair trying to find it and not get stung any more (a couple of times by ear though). Got it out and ran into house to take antihistame and douse spots w/benydral gel (usless according to nurse direct)
Nurse direct who I called advised going to emergency room-DH said not that bad so I took a shower and now waiting. The welts went down but ear hurts pretty badly.
What a way to end my day
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Oh my gosh. Gail, I hope you are feeling better. That is really scary.
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Ouch! Soooo sorry to hear that. I hope it gets better soon and the pain goes away. I know those really hurt!
(If'll sleep well! Benydryl! nitey-nite )
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Unfortunatley all this was not done on the same side-its my left ear and my right leg so I think I will have a hard time finding a comfy spot to sleep.
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aww Gail!

Hope you feel better soon!

Although i just find it funny to how someone runs around screaming from a bee, i do it everyday when im at my break because these bees just follow me!
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hope you are doing ok today Gail!! geez that must have been scary
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Hope you slept well and hope you feel better today.
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Poor Gail! That has happened to my dad though. He was weed eating around the woodline and got a nest for yellow jackets. He dropped everything and was running to the house and to the front door and started taking off all his clothes(they have neighbors that can see their house) before he went inside!! Luckily he only got a bout 12 or so stings and was fine.

I hope you feel better soon!
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To me, this is about the scariest thing that could happen...I'm absolutely TERRIFIED of bees/hornets/wasps, and will RUN FOR MY LIFE, if I see one anywhere near me. I've never been stung...but I still think that they are the creepiest things in the universe.

Sorry this happened...I know I'd be in shock from the fear alone!
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I slept ok last night but my ear still hurts as does the two spots on my leg. I'm tired too-that could be a combo of all the adrenaline that I manufactured by running around like a crazy woman and the antihistamines. Its almost allergy time and I have to start taking antihistamines anyhow and even though they are supposed to be non drowsy I'm still drowsy for the first 3 or so days.
So I think I will take it easy this morning-trying to wake up still as I have been out of bed for a couple of hours.
I was thinking of dressing from head to toe and eradicating the nest as I sort of know where it is but on the onther hand I think not today!!
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Gail- you are an amazing woman! I am always amazed by everything that you write! You are so strong, and accomplished.... I couldn't do 1/2 the things you do everyday.... and you get stung by several wasps and take it like a champ. I get an ingrown toe nail and make a doctors appt, and a pedicure appt! 1 mosquito bite, and I'm a mess! I sure hope you feel better.... I have never been stung by a wasp, I stay away from them like the plague! But I know they are very painful. Isn't there some baking soda paste you make to take the "sting" out of it? I think I read that somewhere.... Hope you feel better soon!!!
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Yes you can use a baking soda paste, hydrocortisone cream, pain relivers, meat tenderizers. I would have liked to go to emergency room last night but DH kept on saying its not so bad!!! (he also said that yrs ago when a stumbled over a pile of lumber in his garage and did go to ER as I did break a bone in my foot!!)
This is not something I want to repeat trust me!!
I should stop dwelling on this so much perhaps.
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Ugg.... I hope you feel better soon!

If you want to go to the ER next time, GO!!

Many vibes for quick healing.
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