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ok seem's to be in labour

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panting really hard with mouth hanging open , nesting pacing
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Looks like this is it!
Good luck and best wishes for a fast and easy labor/delivery!!
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thank you so much am worried sick lol
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Ughh, I'd be worried sick too! Good luck, can't wait to see those babies!
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if all goes well this time round i will post pic's as soon as she is settled
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scale's juts broke on me , wont be weighing them when she has them by the look's of it just my luck
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How's she going now????
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quick update she seem's to have stoped ?? kitten's ain't moving around hardly and she seem's a hell of a lot smaller? she has been confined to 1 room as i know she hasn't had them as i have been awake most of the night vet's want to check on her
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just foned up the vet's as she is panting again , they have said leave her if she get's stressed then bring her in
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good luck tasha
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Good luck. I'm sure she will be just fine. I'll be thinking of you. Keep us posted. Try not to worry if you can. will be praying for your baby. darc
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Any updates?
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nope still panting , still nesting and load's of sleeping when will it be over , how long can they be in the panting stage b4 they go any further
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Every cats different, it can be hours. My girl went from no contractions but acting funny and liquid tinged with red coming out, to full labor contractions in 3 hours.

I've heard others on here that take longer than that. She had all 4 of her kittens in about 50-60 minutes.
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btw ur babie's and mum are lovely bet ur real proud of her, she isn't panting all the time its an on off thing after all the trouble she had the last time i'm worried
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Thanks and we are very proud of her . But we had such hardships the first time I don't know what would have happened if things went wrong again...

I understand being scared and concerned. I hope everything goes well.
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her first litter she had a deformed 1 who was still born wasn't nice to watch then her labour stoped vet's told me to bring her in then gave her something to help bring on contraction's witch didn't work so they gave an emergancy c section 3 kitten's were alive and formed propley 2 of witch was very week and died b4 i got there to pick them up , brought the last 1 home and had to hand feed lactol as he was week and lilly's milk hadn't come in fully yet he died at 4 day's old , then she got out 2 week's later and went missing come back was 6 week's pregnant so am WORRIED
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If you took out the c-section in your description that is almost exactly what happened to us. She had 5 kittens. The first 2 were small and weak. I took them to the vet and they died. They gave her oxytocin and she delivered the last 3 (the last one was deformed and stillborn). One girl I nursed hourly through the night just to find her not alive at a morning feeding. They were to weak and small to nurse. I couldn't imagine falling in love for 4 days to lose one.

The good thing is second litters do tend to be a bit better.... Heres hoping for everythign to work out!
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broke my heart i couldn't talk about it for week's without crying was like lossing one of my own , in way's it's nice to hear u have been through something simillar mean's she has a good chance it will be ok this time round , but am ever so sorry to hear it had happend if u know what i mean
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Yes I know what you mean. I know the devastation. The weekend after the loss I was supposed to pick up my wedding dress. It was 2 hours there and 2 hours back. I decided I should keep to my plans because I hurt so bad and needed something good to happen. I was planning on going by myself and out of the blue my dad offered to go with me. It meant a lot even though we barely talked. I just couldn't bring myself to say anything unless I would cry. It took a long time to recover.

I found wtih the birth of this litter some of those thoughts had come back. I just remember seeing the baby girl yawn (the one that didn't make it through the night) and that has stuck frozen in my memory. This litter is helping me bring closure though.
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i think the thing that worry's me the most is how close she fell pregnant was only 2 week's after the first 1 vet's didn't seem to worried though?
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
i think the thing that worry's me the most is how close she fell pregnant was only 2 week's after the first 1 vet's didn't seem to worried though?
It is a concern.. I do hope it goes well. The good thing I can say is that many breeders actually breed queens pretty quickly if they lose a litter. This is because most of the exhaustion of pregnancy is actually the nursing. Nursing takes a long time to recoupe from. The pregnancy itself isn't as taxing. Since your girl didn't have to nurse, her milk dried up quickly and the only major recovery was from the c-section. My girl went into a continuous heat for a few weeks but we had to wait to breed her so her due date wouldn't fall during our honeymoon. At the same time if you let them skip to many heats its dangerous for infection (why breeders don't wait to long to rebreed).

If you had a successfull litter that nursed for the full term and got pregnant 2 weeks after weaning or before weaning then I'd say you have a major problem on your hands and could be looking at weak kittens, and milk supply issues. I honestly don't think this will be the case for you. But I would take extra extra measures to keep her away from the door.
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she is locked in my bedroom at the moment and the kid's know they can only go in there if i'm in there she has a fan in there so i don't have to leave the window open she has 3 place's that i set up 2 and she set the other one up lol she has litter tray water bowl and fresh food at all time's in bewtween all 3 loaction's in the bedroom so she can easily get to them where ever she chose's to have them at time's she seem's like she is fine then when i go back in she is panting away sometime's crying and nesting , it's weird the first time she bleed 2 day's b4 then she went into labour 5 min's later out came the kitten
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also going by the kitten lump's they seem really big as u can see when they move she is deffently bigger then the last time even the vet last time said how small she was and thought she was only carrying around 2 kitten's
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How is she doing?
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nothing yet!!! getting really worried and impatint lol she still nesting and spending more time in there now still no muscus plug and the panting has stoped , kitten's feel huge in there i think i can feel at least 3 if not more her due day is today
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arggg how much longer can this go on for , all she has been doing today is nesting and sleeping in the nest can cat's be ready to give birth but may not be able to contract? some of her teat's the milk seem's to be less lump's they ain't as big ?
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I feel for ya . I thought I was going to explode if she did not have her babies soon. It was weird because the runt came out first. The second was huge. The third was about the same size. I hope she is done soon. How is lily doing through everything?
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