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Kittens Escaping!

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Well, I think I need to move the kittens to the big box I had ready for them (before I found the dog crate) because they are REALLY getting around and one in particular keeps trying to get out through the openings.
I would hate to wake and find one kitten missing or even worse, to find it stuck!
I am quite amazed at how much they get around!

The kid in the cage is my 6 year old daughter, she got in there to get the 'runaway kitten' and put it back by mom but as you can see she keeps trying to escape....maybe I should have named her 'Alcatraz'...
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Thats a sweet pic. What a problem .......... I cant think of anything in particular, but perhaps you could put something up against the outside of the dog crate, maybe tie sheets to each corner and then tuck underneath.
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I've never had kittens get out through the bars of the crate...yours must have bigger openings. I would buy chicken wire and wrap the crate in it. And is there a lid?!? My kittens all learn how to climb the inside of the crate like a kid climbing a fence. (Mine has shelves to climb up to.)
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The crate is pretty big and I guess the openings are big enough for them to get through. Yes, it does had a top but we have left it off for easier access/cleaning and we figured they wouldn't be climbing for awhile. We leave the door open so mom can go in and out.
Before I was lucky enough to find this crate, we got a big box from an appliance store (for a washer) and cut the sides down. I cut a round hole so Spots could go in and out. We kept the box just in case, so I just took the blankets from the crate and set up the box. It's not as 'pretty' but at least they can't get out--YET!!!
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This is a large dog (or small kid!) crate!! That is why the openings are big.
Just kidding about the kid...though she DOES fit in there nicely!!
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It seems like you need to choose a crate with smaller bars if you are worried about them getting out, which I totally understand. Once they start roaming they are determined to see whatever it is they want to see Maybe you could put something up to temporarily cover the bars but just make sure that it isn't something where they could get stuck and suffocate. The best thing to do is see if you could get someone with a crate with smaller, more tightly closed bars to trade, or let you use temporarily.

Anyways, they seem to be developing nicely and they are sure cute
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I love the name Max Sheba--my older daughter's name is Max!

As for now, the kittens are in the big box and I think that will work for the time being. I was lucky to find this cage for under $5 so I will not be lucky enough to find another, and know no one who has one. The box measures 3' on each side so it is plenty big enough.
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I foster little ones constantly and find that lining the perimiter of the cage with cardboard & then bending the sides blocks the kittens from escaping the cage:

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The odd thing is that the one who wants to excape seems to be by herslef alot. She can usually be found sleeping by herself, away from the other two. She appears healthy and is gaining weight but she makes me feel so bad, like 'nobody likes her' kind of thing...she is a loner.
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my Kiko was like that. He was always running from the nest, exploring, and his Mom didnt like it at all !!!! And she would let him know, too !!! He slept away from the rest. As it turned out, after he grew up, hes actually the biggest baby. Has to have his way. My loudest talker. Still very active. And always wants to the other kitties to groom him. And LOVES to be snuggled.
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When I pick her (the escapee) up, she cries, but when I pick up the male he CRIES!! It is so funny, he acts like I am killing him! Even mom knows he is ok and pays no attention to the big baby!

I just feel so sorry for this one, I want to just hold her and comfort her....
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If her Mom is ok with it, do it ........ it wont hurt anything.
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You could attach some mesh or chicken wire around the outside of the cage.
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I felt bad for Festie when she was a kitten...she was the runt, and always squished on the bottom of the kitten pile. Then one day I thought I accidentally locked her out of the kitten room (alone) all day. Later that night I learned she had escaped under the door, and was having a jolly time exploring the house on her own.

And now she still loves to burrow under blankets and laundry, like she used to burrow under the kitten pile. It is funny how what we interpret as sad or different is just a kitty doing things their own way!
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The funny thing is that this kitten is the runt too! Not much smaller, and the first born, but about 1 oz less in weight.
I caught the mom being really rough with her today and it kind of freaked me out. This is the second time. It looked like mom was playing with the older cats, only it was with the runt. I never heard it cry so I am assuming that she didn't hurt it but I didn't like the look of it!
I posted about it under 'Mom being rough with kittens'.
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My kitten is I think about 4 weeks old as of yesterday. (thats at least how long we have had him) he has managed to understand that he CAN and WILL climb out of his box. He gets out, and crawls all over, but has one spot under our ottoman that he will go to and sleep. So this weekend we are going to petsmart to buy him his own little house (a crate or cage) I at first thought it was mean to put him in there, but at least this way I dont lose him somewhere in my house while im gone. Havent yet started feeding anything more then baby food in his formula, and havent litter trained either. not looking forward to either
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you could cut some cardboard about a foot high and place it around the inside of the crate. That way the mama can see out, but the babies can't get out.
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