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overly cautious and jumpy cat

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I have had my cat "Cricket" since I brought her home from the A.S.P.C.A.four years ago.She is a house cat and has never been outdoors.My Wife and I are the only 2 persons in the household.Does anyone have an answer as to why she is easily startled,and overly cautious,even concerning items she has been familiar with for years.She has never been mistreated,or around anyone prior to us who could have done so.She approaches EVERYTHING in a cautious manner,even a box that she sleeps in constantly.This isnt a normal behaviour is it???
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Well yes and no. Some cats are prone to being a little high strung. Usually if it happens all of a sudden there is something wrong. From what you say she has been like this from day one. So my guess is that it is just her personality. I have 2 like that. They did not get any attention during the crutial time of birth to 8 weeks. So I dont know if its genetics or neglect as a baby. I just learned to accept them as they are. They are about 3 now and have made some improvement.
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That is absolutely true. The most crucial time for human interaction with a kitten is during the first 8 weeks. If kittens are not handled, they will probably always shy away from being handled. 2 of my babies are like that, too. I love them just as much as my lap kitties, though!
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Thanks Sandie,Its probably true about the handling as she was 8 weeks when I adopted her (or vica versa!)and due to the amount of business this A.S.P.C.A.handles it was most likely not able to devote much time to each animal.We give her affection when SHE decides it is required!!!
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Yes, I know what thats like. I will say though that it somehow seems a little more special when these guys come to see me. I am also happy my 2 ended up with me rather with someone who would have throw them away for being so skiddish.
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