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Need Kitty Names

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Sunshine is due anyday now and I was wondering if you guys had some cute unique names. darc
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http://www.20000-names.com/ There is every name you can think of here. It helps if you have a theme to go with the name.
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Originally Posted by DragonLady View Post
... It helps if you have a theme to go with the name.
*grin* This current litter I have now is known collectively as the "Biscuit Babies". There is the Steak Biscuit baby, the Sausage Biscuit Baby, the Egg Biscuit Baby and the Sweet Jelly Biscuit Baby. They were named so after their body shapes, except for the Jelly Biscuit, who is a very sweet little girl - so we thought of a sweet jelly biscuit for her name. But then I am simply cracked and it just tickled me to call them biscuits. *LOL* I am sure you can come up with better names. *wink*
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I waited till their personalities started to show, around 3-4 weeks, to name mine. I named them 1 at a time, until all 6 were named. I had Nala (Simba's girlfriend from Lion King), Daisy, Riley, Teddy, Leo, and Maya.

I like the theme idea too! My local Humane Society does that. Once they had Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, and Monica. And a batch named after famous kitty characters, Garfield, Moris, Felix, Simba. I like state and city names too. I have a dog named Georgia, a cat named Savannah. My friend has a female mastif named Alabama that they call "Bama."

Naming babies is fun!
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A few cats I noticed at our shelter with cute names are Noyzie, Teka, and Magic.
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my tiny orphan started out with Stew, and then Charlie and now peanut.

Its hard cause his personality is just starting to show. When I call "peeeaaannuuut" he comes running. its sticking well so far. I would have loved to name him Francis (frankie), or Elton, or Pheonix but....Dan wont let me name him what i want and he just looks like a peanut right now.
I also like chosing names that go well together with the other cats name Mikey (aka Mike/Michael/Miguel/Big Mike/mikey the mainiac)

Mikey and Frankie (michael and Francis)
Mikey and Elton
Mike and Pheonix
kinda all flows well together

you just wait...somthing will come to mind once the kitten is here. itll roll off your tounge.
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When I was breeding rexes, I had a ton of "T" names for males/females and related to colors. My cattery name was TC and I named all my cats with "T" names.

For example, a calico was named Tequilla Sunrise; a red tabby/white was Tom E. Hawk; a black/white male was Turbo Jet or Tornado

I also had for a bluecream - Teaberry Shuffle
Red female - Taffy Apple
White or calico - Tiger Lily

One of my favorites (and one I never got to use) was "Tribute to Ruffian" - I figured that if I ever got a black rex female I was gonna keep and show, that would be her name.

Ling Ling's sisters are Ying and Yang and her brothers are Ping and Pong. All the kittens at one time were pointed kittens; hence the "oriental" names even tho they all turned into black/white cats.
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I've named my cats after mythological characters: Artemis, Athena, Calypso (gone but not forgotten!) and the newest arrival, Orion

When I was little, my cat had two little black kittens and I named them Stevie Wonder and Arsenio
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When we got a litter of 8 week old kittens, they were all very sick and ended up with names based on their illness..

To this day we have 'Eyeball' (came to us with an infected eye), 'Ratty' (had terrible diarrhea and long hair... I shall say no more), and 'Twitchy' (had minor signs of some kind of neural disorder.. we feared rabies.. but kept her in quarantine for 10 days and it cleared up!). The more fortunate have been renamed 'William', 'Red', 'Boxer', and 'Dennis'. Eyeball is slowly evolving into 'Fatty'.

God help the current batch..

I also tend to call all my cats 'Fluffy' and 'Stinky McGee'.. I have no idea why.
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My fiance has four little kittens who are now at the four week old mark. They have cute little names. I'm not sure of thier genders, but here are their names.

The darkest one is Pepper, named for the dark coloration. His/Her nickname is Plopper (by fiance's mother) or Pepperoni (by myself)

The two red tabbies are Garfunkle (sp), nicknamed "The Funk" (by myself) and Simon (who has no nicname, but will have the name changed to Simone if a female)

Then there is the one I named. Not sure of the gender, but my fiance wanted to call it Sandstorm, for the dusty, sandy color of its fur. I said Sandstorm was too commonplace and decided on Mohave, after the desert. Her nickname is Mo (by fiance).
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