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Update on Savannah's appointment

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You may remember I posted about my foster mom, Savannah, loosing weight, no appetite, runs, peeing out of the box, ect. I had an appt. for her at the shelter on Sunday. The vet tech really couldn't do much b/c there wasn't a Dr. there on the weekend to approve anything. Poor Savannah is down to 4.75 pounds (down from 8). The tech gave her some fluids, a shot of antibiotic, tested for Leukemia and FIV, and told me she looked like an old cat dying from kidney failure. Savannah is only 1 year old btw. So I left the shelter thinking that my foster mom was going to die. I was told to monitor her for the next couple days and if she continued not to eat/drink, they'd probably put her down. She belongs to the shelter, and they can't spend a lot of money to save every sick cat, so that's all they can do.

I sat up crying my eyes out all night. It was hard enough to let her babies leave to get adopted, I decided not to give up on momma. I called my personal vet and they told me to bring her down in 15 minutes. So I spent $220 on a cat that isn't mine to try to save her. My vet took bloodwork, gave her TONS of fluids (it all went straight to her saggy belly), gave her another antibiotic shot, took an xray, and sent me home with Clavamox. The test results won't be back from the lab until tomorrow. My vet didn't automatically say kidney failure like the tech at the shelter. My vet was worried it was a botched spay, maybe poisoning (she's an outside cat), and a few other things. The blood test will help to figure out what's going on. Savannah had a high temp. which they said was better than a low temp. Her appetite seems to have picked up, not much, but she's eating a few bites here and there. I haven't actually seen her drink water, but she did drink some Cat Sip milk. She may have drank some water when I wasn't looking, who knows.

Send her some good vibes as we await her test results. Tell her she needs to eat and drink to get better! Send my momma kitty some love
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You say she isn't yours, but it sou8nds like that may change.

Get well vibes for you {({({({({(Savannah)})})})})}
The fact that she is eating a bit now sounds promising.
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All tests lead to the coronavirus. I guess they can't test for that specifically, but all other results point to that as a diagnosis. I was pretty shaken, so I might not have heard all the information from the doc. She'll have to be put down. It's a sad day. I don't know a whole bunch about that disease in particular, I'm wondering if this puts her kittens (who have already been adopted) at risk.

Thanks to everyone that sent her good vibes. Poor Momma Kitty...
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